As we approach mid-life, many times we pause and look back to see what kind of impact we have made.  Many of us feel like we’re in a “mid-life crisis”; frustrated to see we worked our entire life to achieve success to find it still left us feeling empty and unfulfilled.

At the Halftime Institute we help Christian business leaders navigate through this mid-life confusion and create a plan geared toward a second half of joy, impact and balance


But how does someone do this? How does someone navigate this unique season of life through the rough waters of a mid-life crisis as they look back at their first half of life and chart the course for their second half?

For over fifteen years, the Halftime Institute has come alongside Christian executives with a process proven to be effective and transformative.  Watch this short video to explain what we do to help Christian business leaders at mid-life:

If you are at a mid-life crisis point, what we call “halftime”, we would love to help you.  We have programs specifically designed for you.

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