The Halftime Institute offers innovative programs designed to

help you on your calling-driven journey.

The Fellows Program

A year-long journey with a cohort of like-minded peers.

Paired with a Halftime Certified Coach for personalized executive-style life coaching in areas including core strengths and passions, work/life balance, and family vision and legacy, and more.

Exclusive in-person events with your cohort to connect, develop a plan with your family in mind, and build a sustainable roadmap for your next season.

Private virtual webinars with leading practitioners from key organizations working in diverse fields including healthcare, prison ministry, adoption and foster care, microfinance, and more.

Guidance from an expert coach and peers to increase margin in your life and create a plan for your next season.

Optional participation in a Dream Together event for spouses to dream and plan for a fulfilling second half, optional coaching sessions for spouse with his/her own Halftime Certified Coach.

The Fellows Program stands out for its blend of faith and leading-edge instruction, for personal time with thought leaders and top authors, 1-on-1 executive guidance, and for peer exchange at the highest levels.

“What I have learned over 20 years helping Halftimers is that you need the process, peers, case studies and one on one coaching – but that the second half can be the best season.” – Lloyd Reeb, Halftime Primary Spokesperson and Halftime Coach 

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Halftime One on One

Your Halftime Certified Coach will provide personalized expertise to help you develop a plan and avoid common pitfalls in your halftime journey.

Helpful assessments and tools to gain clarity on your strengths, passions, resources, and plan for your second half.

Exposure to low-cost probes and connections to both marketplace and ministry leaders in your areas of interest.


Dream Together

From 12pm on Day 1 to 3pm on Day 2. Hosted in the Halftime Institute’s learning center in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas.

Each Dream Together event is limited to 8 couples, all who desire to plan together with their spouses for a unified and impactful second half.

Live, in-person facilitation for couples who want to LIVE a legacy, focused on combining creative possibilities with practical plans to gain margin, increase impact, and ignite your individual and collective callings.

Beyond a traditional marriage retreat, create a plan that unites big vision and practicality — not only for your marriage, but also the people who matter most.

Dream Together is a transformational experience for your marriage and family journey, designed for couples who don’t just want to leave a legacy, they want to LIVE it.

“By exploring my dream, his dream, and our dream together, we were equipped to cast a vision of what it will look like to serve God while fully enjoying life and each other.” Carol, Halftime Program Participant

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