[noboldintro]Many successful executives, entrepreneurs and professionals, both men and women, get to a point in their lives where they long for something more.  When all they’ve done … or won … or own seem to matter less, when they crave greater purpose in work and in life, when they want to help others and make sure their life will count … very likely they are in a season of life commonly known as “halftime.” Halftime is a time to pause and take stock, to look forward and dream, and to chart a more meaningful course.

Pepperdine University, in collaboration with the Halftime Institute, introduces the Certificate for Second Half Significance.  Based on Bob Buford’s best selling book, Halftime, this program is designed to help high-capacity leaders move from success to significance by living a life with greater joy and impact.  Through a proven process of teaching, exceptional executive coaching, a cohort of peers and the ability to connect with marketplace and non-profit leaders, this certificate will help you discover your second half purpose and get engaged in issues you care deeply about.

Program Features

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be awarded an Executive Certificate in Second Half Significance from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management and the Halftime Institute.

This program is a year-long experience and offers you:

1. Peer collaboration. You will join a small group of marketplace leaders pursuing God’s call on their next chapters.  In stimulating give and take–personally, in community, and with your executive coach–you move into productive self-discovery and, as needed, new means to make life-changing decisions.

2. A “Head” and “Heart” Approach.  This season of life requires time, space and guidance to grasp for yourself how God has uniquely made and shaped you to love Him and serve others.  Drawing on tried and true concepts, key influencers, and decades of study and best practices, you will listen and learn, reflect and renew and begin to design a roadmap of personal next steps.

3. One-on-one executive coaching.  True changes comes with others over time. For a full year, besides regular team exchanges, you meet regularly with your certified Halftime Coach – your seasoned, one-on-one “head and heart” guide.

4.  Halftime Talent Solutions.  As you identify your skills and interests, Halftime Talent Solutions can guide you to the key leaders and organizations in the marketplace, in Christian non-profit, in social entrepreneurial projects, or in the local church or a para-church ministry.

5.  Private Meetings & Special Events.  You are also invited to special events sponsored by Pepperdine and Halftime featuring leading thinkers and authors such as Jim Collins, Bob Buford and Ken and Margie Blanchard.


The primary objective is to create a life defined by greater joy and impact by growing spiritually and getting involved in meaningful work and service.   We do this by:

  • Building an appreciation for the dynamics of midlife transition for leaders with a Christian worldview
  • Understanding the fundamental building blocks of managing one’s life in a way that leads to greater personal joy and kingdom impact
  • Becoming familiar with a variety of models and case studies of others who have transitioned from success to significance
  • Building a personalized/customized spiritual growth plan
  • Enhancing awareness of one’s natural talents, spiritual gifts, and life’s passions
  • Gaining exposure to people and organizations working on issues and causes that you care deeply about
  • Managing this transition in a way that ensure balance and growth in one’s marriage, parenting, physical well-being, friendships and finances.

Program Details

Launch Event Dates:

April 29-May 1, 2015


Villa Graziadio Executive Center

Pepperdine University
24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, CA 90263

Program Cost:

  • $7,500
  • Year-long program includes one year of executive coaching, monthly cohort calls,  a 2 ½ day launch event at Pepperdine (materials, books and meals provided), and access to Halftime Talent Solutions executive search expertise

 For more information or to talk to someone directly about this Certificate in Second Half Significance Program,  Click Here.



“The overall process forced me to think through and commit to a model, plan and roadmap to pursue going forward. Sharing with peers also was an important step for me to get more public about my intentions.”  

“The real value is of this program is the coaching.  My coach genuinely cared about me and was “on retainer” with me for an entire year.  He challenged me, asked incredible questions and helped me develop an outstanding plan going forward.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone that is serious about moving from success to significance.  It was well worth the price and I’d pay it again in a second.” 


“Honestly, I cannot single out any portion that I would rate less than another. The entire experience was simply exceptional!”  


“The coaching direction and the feedback between the team members was the most valuable part of the program. I found not only the receiving of but the giving of feedback among my peer group to be very helpful in my thought process. It was a very beneficial activity to practice. The coach’s  feedback/contribution was very meaningful.”   


This really forced me to step back and think about what I want to accomplish. Make it about God’s desire, not my own. Great process for me and was even better is the process worked for people at so many different levels of readiness.  It was excellent.” 


I enjoyed this program with fellow believers, using a structured process.  The launch event was facilitated by a very competent facilitator and experienced coaches. For me, most of the value came from two fronts: 1) taking the time (making room on my calendar) to put down on paper, in a more thoughtful and manner, the things that have been on my heart for a couple of years. I have more clear and actionable plan. 2)  the strong engagement from my coach to help me shape my mission and to enable me to carry it forward with their strong network. This Christ-centered, end-to-end capability (from strategy to execution) is a very unique and valuable proposition.”