Halftime Talent Solutions, established as partner organization to the Halftime Institute in 2011, serves Halftimers by connecting them with faith-based non-profit organizations who want to utilize their first [/boldintro]half experiences and skills to accomplish daring Kingdom objectives. Halftime Talent Solutions offers three areas of service for these organizations: Retained Executive Search, Interim Executive Management and Talent Solutions Consulting. All net revenues are forwarded to the Halftime Institute, which itself is non-profit, as a source of sustainable underwriting.


Retained Executive Search

When your organization needs full-time professionals for key leadership and operational roles, our Retained Executive Search service combines 30 years of marketplace executive search experience with some powerful advantages that distinguish our service from all others.

GLOBAL CANDIDATE NETWORK: Our most powerful advantage! We have access to millions of marketplace leaders through our relationship with the Halftime Institute and Leadership Network. These are accomplished, servant-hearted leaders who are not always identified using traditional search tactics

FLEXIBLE FEE STRUCTURE: As a nonprofit ourselves, our fees are based on approximately 20% of a selected candidate’s first year compensation. This is far below normal executive search fees

CLIENT PARTNERSHIP: We understand the nonprofit community and can work with you to develop the job description, opportunity profile and assessment tools to target and attract candidates

NEW HIRE COACHING: Our talented Halftime Institute coaches are available to provide transition coaching for up to 90 days to enhance successful integration


Interim Leadership Solutions

Not all mission-critical needs require a permanent placement solution…

Many times, a transition, exploration or challenge is best addressed by having a qualified professional provide targeted expertise to a short-term project over a specified time frame. We can help you identify and select motivated, ministry-minded leaders with the technical and executive experience for these temporary situations.

EXPERIENCED TALENT: Consultants are available in a variety of professional areas integral to the operation of your organization

FLEXIBLE FEE STRUCTURE: Our consultants are marketplace rock stars willing to work at a price point set by the client or organization

GLOBAL CANDIDATE NETWORK: The global Halftime Institute and Leadership Network networks are available to assist in finding the right candidate for you

MINIMIZED OVERHEAD COSTS: Overhead is minimized by using a third-party payroll process that we manage

INTERIM ROLE FILLED QUICKLY: Our Interim Executive can quickly begin serving your organization, which can be concurrently contracted with executive search engagements

FULL-TIME CONVERSION OPPORTUNITY: Take your interim executive to full-time employment at a greatly reduced placement fee


Talent Consulting Services

Our faith-based nonprofit clients often seek assistance with projects that fall outside the parameters of direct candidate placement. Areas include general talent acquisition and succession planning. We can leverage the investments already made in in-house recruiting and human resource services by customizing our consulting services to fit your needs.

DEVELOP CANDIDATE PIPLELINES: Create a hiring strategy for repetitive talent needs based on target prospective profiles for in-house follow-up

RECRUITER TRAINING: Advance processes enable passive candidate development, standardized interview and assessment methodology and improved prospect-to-hire conversion rates

INTERVIEW GUIDES: Improve your interview and candidate evaluation processes with guides developed for the recruiter/hiring manager

ON-BOARDING ANALYSIS: Evaluate and implement benchmarking, coaching, and improvements to your new-hire integration process to improve retention

WORKFORCE PLANNING TOOLS: Align recruiting resources with strategic operating objectives

INTERNAL MOBILITY PLATFORM: Enhance existing succession model and employee referral processes


Board Prospect Sourcing

Using our database of over 100,000 successful marketplace and ministry leaders, we engage our network of networks to find the key person you need to serve in your ministry organization.

MULTIPLE PROSPECT PROMISE: We will sign a contractual commitment to successfully complete this project with a pre-determined minimum number of prospects

GLOBAL CANDIDATE NETWORK: Our relationship with The Halftime Institute and Leadership Network gives us access to millions of Christ followers who are recognized as accomplished professionals with servant hearts

BOARD PROSPECT ROLE: We will assist in creating or perfecting a brief description to target and attract the board prospects you need

PRE-SCREENING PROCESS: Our detailed screening process ensures you have the opportunity to speak with prospects who match your ministry’s needs

PLACEMENT BASED ON EXPERTISE: We will work with you to determine what specific areas of expertise your board needs (e.g marketing, human resources, audit, information technology, etc.) based on prospects’ career experience, prior ministry involvement, and personal connections.