The Introduction to Halftime curriculum is designed for groups of Christian men and women who are in midlife and who are beginning to explore what God has for them in their second half. This season of life is often referred to as Halftime, and this curriculum is an introduction to the ideas and questions many people encounter at Halftime. You may be highly successful, or you may simply find yourself in a place of transition with some options for how you invest these next years.

Download this curriculum for free onto your smartphone, tablet and/or eReader. You’ll have it handy all week to read wherever or whenever you have a minute and bring it to your group without having to buy a workbook. You can also download it to you computer as a PDF version and print off the session each week.

This curriculum is ideal for church small groups, adult Sunday school classes, or friends meeting in someone’s office to provide process, stories, and provocative questions. The secret sauce is your conversation … the power of the insights you will bring to each others’ lives around the questions and exercises.

Introduction to Halftime is available to download in 3 formats.

1. Kindle Versionthis is a Mobile file and can be downloaded to a pc then transferred to your kindle via usb cable or by emailing the file to your kindle device email.

2. Epub Version... will work for you iPad, Nook or Android based device. You can download direct from this page and save to your device.

3. PDF Version… can be downloaded and read or printed out from any device.

If you have any issues downloading these files please click here to contact us.