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Halftime Institute alumnus John Ramstead started Eternal Leadership podcast after a year of coaching with one of our master certified Halftime coaches.

Eternal Leadership is here to equip and inspire leaders to accomplish what God has inspired in them. Listen to Halftime Institute alumni along with many other world-class business leaders to hear how they too are living a life of joy, impact, and balance.

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Halftime Institute Staff Podcasts:

Dean Niewolny – Find Your Passion, Find Your Calling

DSC_4180Dean (CEO) talks with the Eternal Leadership team about ways to find your passion and your Ephesians 2:10 calling. They discuss the steps to discover how God wired us and the incredible potential that unlocks. Learn how to find perfect clarity in the life you want to create for yourself.



Lloyd Reeb – Success to Significance

Lloyd Reeb - Promo Photo (Business Casual)-CROP

Lloyd (Primary Spokesperson) addresses an important myth about Halftimers and how bailing from corporate America or selling your company may NOT be the best strategy to pursue your purpose. Listen and discover your strengths and your true calling. Reorient your direction in life from success to significance by using your talents and resources in ways that produce something that outlasts you. Find a balance between the metrics in your life, such as performance, identity, and relationships on this Eternal Leadership Podcast.

Paul McGinnis – God Said Go So I Did


Paul (Halftime Certified™ Coach) shares a few milestones that occurred in his life that cemented his spiritual journey at a

very young age. He covers a number of crucial pieces to navigating through the Halftime journey and helps you recognize that smoldering discontent to see if you too are in halftime. Discover what your journey looks like and how to get through it. Paul also covers ways to draw that line between manager and friend/employer and how to look for a good mentor.

At the end of the interview, Paul shared an affirmation that helped him move forward with courage every day.  Here is a link to the PDF of what Paul shared as well as an MP3 you can download if you would like to listen to this every day.

Jeff Spadafora –  Finally Fulfilled – From Smoldering Discontent to Lasting Joy


Jeff (Master Halftime Certified™ Coach) talks with John Ramstead and Steve Reiter about his own Halftime Journey and how he found joy. In this podcast, they discuss how to determine God’s plan for your life, how to become self-aware through your skills and passions and how “unlearn” the expectations others have placed on you. Listen to see how you can gain the courage to become who you were created to be and how you too can experience real and lasting joy and peace!

Jeff Spadafora – Coaches Corner

Too many people focus the better part of their lives on the wrong things: the company’s agenda, other peoples’ ideas of success . . . money. Over time, this leads to frustration and emptiness. True freedom comes as a people discover their God-given design and pour themselves into service for others.”  –Jeff Spadafora

Halftime Institute Alumni:

John RamsteadJohn Ramstead – From Tragedy to Triumph

John Ramstead is a Halftime Institute alumnus and the founder of Eternal Leadership. Several years ago he was in a near fatal accident that changed his life forever. As John recovered he sought direction on why God saved him and what He now wants John to do.  He attended the Launch Event in 2013 and spent the next year going through the Halftime process with his coach Jeff Spadafora. It was during this process that the Lord revealed John’s new calling: “take the life He’s given me and pour it into other leaders to equip and inspire them to work in His Kingdom.”

John spent twenty-five years as a Navy fighter pilot, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 management team member and board chair which led him to serve others towards extraordinary lives, businesses and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Peter Greer – Clarifying Your Mission

Scott Boyer –  A New Business Model For Kingdom Impact

Dave Sanderson

Leaders Are Last – Surviving The ‘Miracle On The Hudson’_

Ken Blanchard – Refire Your Life and Leadership

Tim Brown – Victory Over Depression!

Diane Paddison – Achieve Your God-Given Potential

Eric Lind – Restoration & Redemption

Sandra Crawford Williamson – What 9/11 Taught Me

Don Ankenbrandt – Discover Your Place In God’s Story

Brian Watson – Making an Impact Where You Are



Halftime Institute on iWork4Him

iWork4Him is a radio program designed for Christ-followers in the workplace.


05/18/17 with Jeff Spadafora – Joy and Happiness

04/04/16 With Claudia Cantrell and Rhonda Kehlbeck https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2016-04-04_Halftime_RhondaKehlbeck_edit.mp3

02/10/16 With Dean Niewolny https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2016-02-10_iWork4Him_Halftime_Niewolny_edit.mp3

02/09/16 with Diane Paddison Halftime Graduate https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2016-02-09_iWork4Him_DianePaddison_edit.mp3

12/10/15 with Doug Piper,  Halftime Graduate https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2015-12-10_iWork4Him_Doug_Piper_Halftime_edit.mp3

06/22/15 With Jeff Spadafora https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2015-06-22_IWork4Him_JeffSpadaforaWithHalfTime_Edit.mp3

12/18/14 with Dave Zillig Halftime Graduate https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2014-12-18_IWork4Him_DaveZilligAboutEquilibrium_Edit.mp3

07/22/14 with Rhonda Kehlbeck https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2014-07-22_IWork4Him_RhondaKehlbeck_HalfTime_Edit.mp3

03/03/14 with Dean Niewolny https://iw4h-podcast.s3.amazonaws.com/2014-03-03_IWork4Him_FromSuccessToSignificance_edit.mp3