What is Halftime all about?

Do you want to maximize the years you have left? With over 20 years of experience, we help you get the clarity and margin you need to have the most impactful rest of your life.

Overview: The Halftime Fellows Program

The Halftime Fellows Program is a year-long journey. It will reduce the probability of making common avoidable mistakes, but more importantly will help you round out and focus your plan for this next season and gain alignment with your family as well.


The Fellows Program: Client Testimonies

Hear from Halftime Fellows and their spouses firsthand – What drove them to join the Fellows Program? What impact did it make on their lives and the lives of their families?

The 3 Cs of Halftime

When you’re discerning your second half calling, you need to break it down into pieces. The three issues you must solve for are CORE, CAPACITY, and CONTEXT. What do you know about yourself? What are you equipped to do? Where will you apply yourself?


Success to Significance: Diane Paddison

Diane went from the COO of a Fortune 500 company with a crumbling personal life to a season of new beginnings. She founded 4word women where she’s maximizing her God-given gifts and passions to transform the lives of women of faith in the workplace.

Success to Significance: Scott Boyer

Scott spent 27 years working in the pharmaceutical business and was familiar with the sales of products in all areas of the world. After reading Halftime and going through the Halftime Institute, he founded The ROW Foundation and OWP Pharmaceuticals to bring life-saving medicines to the developing world.


Why Halftime?

Is there a chapter ahead of you that you haven’t yet figured out? Do you want to make sure that the next season is the best it can be? Hear from Halftime Institute clients on what brought them here and how they have benefitted.

Lloyd Reeb TedX: The Most Productive Years of Your Life May Surprise You

There’s compelling evidence that the second half of your life could be the very best season – the most impactful, seasoned, and leveraged season. With wisdom from over 20 years serving leaders in the second half of their lives, Lloyd Reeb shares why and how the second half of your life can be the most fulfilling.


Trade Up: How to Move from Just Making Money to Making a Difference

Wherever you are in your career—starting, midway . . . wrapping it up—if it’s not what you thought, you’ll want to read this story. As you follow Dean’s journey, he opens your path too. Glean the tools to find clarity and to live life to the full. Here are clear steps packed in twenty years worth of stories and hard-won wisdom.

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