Diane Paddison went from the COO of a Fortune 500 Company with a crumbling personal life to founding 4word women, where she is maximizing her God-given gifts and passions to transform the lives of women of faith in the workplace.



Diane Paddison went through the Halftime Institute in 2009. During her halftime season, she went through a divorce and parented her children through several difficult milestones in their own lives.

“Halftime brought to me something that I didn’t have the capability to do on my own. It had a program that really helped me synthesize what was giving me energy and what was possible,” she says.

In her second half, Diane is the Founder and President of 4Word Women, a global community of Christian women. The organization connects, leads, and supports women in the workplace to reach their God-given potential. Diane is also the author of Work, Love, Pray, and is in high demand in the U.S. and internationally as a speaker and facilitator.

Diane says, “God has a call on your life, and I know the power of faith and values in the business world. Whoever you are, whatever your work, God places you with purpose. Your skills, talent, and knowledge are his. So is your career. Balance can seem daunting, and it compels our dependence on him.