Kurt Knapton is a successful start-up software engineer.

He describes how the Halftime Institute helped him find new joy and purpose in his work.


Kurt Knapton went through the Halftime Institute in 2008. His first half career was a Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for E-Rewards.

He says of his halftime season, “I had this career life that was kind of separate from the family life which was separate from the church things.’ It seemed like God was talking to me about integrating all that into kind of a unified whole. That they didn’t need to be compartmentalized; that they needed to be integrated.

In his second half, Kurt has stayed in the marketplace and started Abundant Energy, a for-profit company that donates 10% of profits to helping disadvantaged children.

He has also started an orphan sponsorship program which has impacted several hundred children.

In his second half, he continues to make an impact in the marketplace, but he is re-focused to have more integration with the different areas of his life. With the help of his Halftime Coach, Kurt now has more margin, balance, and impact in family, business, church, and children in need.