Scott Boyer spent 27 years working in the pharmaceutical business and was familiar with the sales of products in all areas of the world.

It was during this time that he realized that the wealthiest countries had the most significant sales, but the “rest of the world”, the ROW countries, where the majority of the people live, didn’t have access to life-changing medications or treatment.


Scott started to dream about how he could help these ROW countries but faced push back and discouragement from those around him.

At this strategic time, a new friend came into Scott’s life and encouraged him to read the book Halftime.

“I read it soon after he gave it to me.” Scott said, “The book helped to see there were many others like me that God was calling to a second half of significance, but most were not sure how to proceed. I called the Halftime Institute to explore next steps and before I knew it, I was attending the April 2014 Launch Event surrounded by like-minded peers.   I had clarity of my vision, but didn’t have the courage to walk in faith that God will provide the right people and wisdom to this venture at the appropriate time. My Halftime experience changed all of that.  A year later on April 20, the ROW Foundation  kicked-off its One World. One Standard. Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign.

Scott is now the founder and President of  The ROW Foundation and OWP Pharmaceutical.