Bob Karcher is an award-winning author, speaker, and experienced business leader. Bob’s most recent book, Who Are the Joneses Anyway? is an bestseller and is helping thousands of people lead authentic, intentional lives with more passion and purpose.

Bob is dedicated helping others get from where they are to where they need to be. If you know that you, or your organization, could be living and performing with greater passion and purpose, you need to connect with Bob. He can help you discover how to live and lead more intentionally and more authentically with outstanding results.

As a professional Halftime Coach, Bob works with individuals and couples on all sorts of life transitions. As a Motivational Speaker, Bob delivers rich content that leaves your attendees determined to move forward in their lives. Bob’s personal story telling, and hands-on approach delivers the fresh keynote address you have been seeking for your event or gathering.

Bob spent a large part of his career in the publishing and advertising industries. He served as a Chief Operating Officer in the Tribune Company, which at the time owned the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Hoy Publications, and multiple other properties operating in the print, broadcast, and digital media sectors. Following his publishing career, he spent several years in the nonprofit sector, serving in a variety of executive-level staff and board member roles.


Topic: Who are the Joneses Anyway?: Stop Living Someone Else’s Life and Start Becoming Who You were Meant to Be
Summary: Most of us have looked across the proverbial fence line and thought the grass was greener on the other side. When we do, we experience the power of social comparison. Life is meant to be about much more than comparing ourselves to one another and collecting titles, possessions, fame, and power. “The one that dies with the most toys wins” isn’t a way of life worth chasing. Keeping up with society’s expectations can easily sidetrack us and our families away from our most important goals. What if there was another way and we could start living our lives the way we are meant to? As the bestselling author of Who Are the Joneses Anyway? Bob shares how to do so while living more simply and, yet more fully.

Topic: Think Differently – Live Differently! Truly Living the Life You were Created For
Summary: It’s always scary to step out in faith and do what you know God is calling you to do. But it can make the difference between really living and simply existing. In our hyper-active culture we often push ourselves to be successful and achieve what we think we are supposed to. Life can become a real pressure cooker. But will our families remember the eighty-hour work weeks, the big house, the fancy car, and the unlimited cell phone data? Or will they remember we weren’t around very much? We can live the lives we were created for and in doing so, discover greater clarity, joy, impact, and balance than we ever thought possible. Bob discusses how, through thinking differently and living differently, we can all discover and lead the purpose-filled lives we were created for.

Topic: When Enough Becomes Too Much
Summary: Money is a good thing if used correctly. We need money to conduct commerce, provide for ourselves, and more. But can too much money be a bad thing or even bring about our own destruction? Having money is not the issue; focusing too much on it is. We can easily pass unhealthy views about money on to our children. How else would they learn about money other than from what they see their parents doing? We think we’re providing a great life and we’ll work long hours and make painful sacrifices to do so, thinking it’s for the best. But, if we’re not careful, we might inadvertently pass down a legacy that money is more important than almost anything else. Listen to Bob discuss this important topic and help you answer “how much is enough?”