Rhonda spent her first half in education; her own (a Bachelors and Masters from Baylor and a Ph.D. from Fordham University) and helping others with theirs as speaker, lecturer, teacher, and Professor at Dallas Baptist University. She is also an author of a book for parents that encourages reading and writing with children.

The Pittsburg, Texas native met her husband at church, where he drew her name from a pool of 500 women to become her secret Valentine. Now more than three decades later, she and Keith have two daughters who are married and now live and work in Oklahoma City. Rhonda and Keith find being intentional with their family even more fulfilling and important as they treasure their sons-in-law and four grandchildren.

As Vice President of Admissions, many find their Halftime journey begins by interacting with Rhonda. Her nurturing and caring spirit helps people get enrolled into the Halftime Institute.

She is a 2013 Halftime Institute alumna and considers Psalm 86:11 her favorite verse: “Lord, tell me where you want me to go and I will go there. With all my heart, I will praise you.”

Topic: Ruined for The Ordinary: How To Pray Boldly For Outrageous Results
Summary: Have you ever thought, “I pray but my prayers just don’t seem to make a difference” or “I pray pretty regularly, but I’ve never seen the power it talks about in the Bible?” When the Bible talks about prayer it uses words such as powerful, bold and effective. So how can you pray boldly for your family, friends, and your circumstances? Join Rhonda as she leads the audience through her personal experience of changing her prayers from timid and lukewarm into bold and powerful. Hear her share 4 simple principles she has learned as she has experienced outrageously miraculous answers to prayer.

Topic: Someday is NOT a Day of the Week:  How to Have a Life of Significance Now
Summary: Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. So do we think that those good works, that life of significance has to wait until some day in the future? Why do we delay that life of passion, balance and impact until the kids leave home, we retire, or we have more time? Using her own story of how she discovered her Ephesians 2:10 calling, Rhonda weaves in the story of an illiterate school janitor who taught her what loving God and living a life of significance really looks and feels like.
Topic: Trusting God When He Doesn’t Make Sense
Summary: We all wish that God made sense all the time, every time. But we also know that His ways aren’t our ways and His thoughts are often very different from our own. So how do we completely trust God when life is tough and we can’t see what He’s doing or feel His presence?

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