What our alumni are saying about our Members Program.

Everything was valuable for me. I have attended many workshops, events, seminars, and conferences searching for answers over the past 4 years and the Halftime Institute is by far superior in every way. It is a first class organization from top to bottom. Not only is the course material and format life changing, but the entire staff is so sincere and kind. I could tell they truly cared about all of us. I was blown away at the whole experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ~ January 2015

The most valuable part of the Members Program for me was receiving personal guidance from an experienced coach who uses the proven techniques and practices of a well-established program. ~November 2014

The Halftime Institute far exceeded my expectations. The training was outstanding!  The contact with fellow students will be invaluable, both from personal and business perspectives. Meeting Bob and Dean added a tremendous amount to the experience. Thanks to everyone at Halftime ~ February 2014

rod and attendeeThe coaching process is invaluable.  I am sure that I would be at a standstill without it.  I’m also sure that I’m not unique in this.  I hear many good things about the various coaches.  And the peer group follow up is also very valuable.  The encouragement of friends along the Halftime journey helps to bring perspective and a reality check.  ~February 2015

The Halftime process is challenging me to be intentional, to think of things that I never thought of before … but the most valuable thing is the idea of stopping the craziness and taking time to think, pray and write about what the rest of my life will look like. I want to hear “well done” and the Halftime process is helping me feel more confident about myself and the way I spend my time. ~January 2015

My Halftime Coach has been incredibly valuable in helping me see the “big picture” and keeping me from getting frustrated during the progress. He helps to encourage, guide and counsel me to stop thinking of it as a linear process – It is a journey. ~November 2014

I loved the program. I gave a 4 star out of 5 star rating on helping me address the biggest challenges for building a greater life of joy because there are still things internally that I need to discover/figure out. The Halftime Institute provides an excellent roadmap to accomplishing that feat. Grateful for the experience and the people I spent time with ~ March 2014

The Halftime Institute has played a significant role in my transition from a 20-year career into a new career that fits my passion, skills, and expehand writingrience. ~May 2013

The most valuable part of the Launch Event was the coaching direction and the feedback between the team members. I found not only the receiving of but the giving of feedback to be very helpful in my thought process. It was a very beneficial activity to practice. The coaches’ facilitation and feedback/contribution during exercises was very meaningful. ~May 2014

For me, most of the value of the program came from two fronts: first taking the time (making room on my calendar) to put down on paper, in a more thoughtful and manner, the things that have been on my heart for a couple of years. I have more clear and actionable plan.  And second, the strong engagement from the Halftime Team to help me shape my mission and to enbale me to carry it forward with their strong network. This Christ-centered, end-to-end capability from the Halftime Institute (from strategy to execution) is a very unique and valuable proposition. ~June 2014