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The Power of a Board of Directors

by Lloyd Reeb, Primary Spokesperson A Personal Board of Directors is a small group of 3-7 people comprised of family, friends, and/or colleagues who are willing to give you input, honest feedback, inspiration and encouragement over time as you go on your Halftime Journey. Why do Halftimers need a Personal Board of Directors? For years now, the Halftime Institute has noticed that people who transition from success to significance in the “healthiest” way have regular input from people who have been specifically asked to provide it. This is different

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A Coach’s Point of View: When You’ve Been Given Much

By Lloyd Reeb, Certified Master Coach "When you have been given much and squander it by drifting or through self-absorption, you lose big time." -Lloyd Reeb  You’ve been blessed with success and are looking for greater significance, but what are the rewards of trying to make a difference in this world? And, a more haunting question perhaps, what are the responsibilities that come with success? In my own halftime journey I was confronted by something Jesus said in Luke 12. There’s a large crowd surrounding Him and His small

A Coach’s Point of View: When You’ve Been Given Much2018-02-02T22:07:39-06:00
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