By Lloyd Reeb, Certified Master Coach

“When you have been given much and squander it by drifting or through self-absorption, you lose big time.” -Lloyd Reeb 

You’ve been blessed with success and are looking for greater significance, but what are the rewards of trying to make a difference in this world? And, a more haunting question perhaps, what are the responsibilities that come with success?

In my own halftime journey I was confronted by something Jesus said in Luke 12. There’s a large crowd surrounding Him and His small group of friends. Someone shouted to Jesus, “Tell my brother to divide the inheritance with me.”

In essence he was saying, “I want more in life”. Jesus told them to be on guard against greed because it can ruin your life. Life is not about possessions. Stuff won’t deliver and doesn’t last.

Then he redirected his heart on where to find more in life. Jesus told his closest followers that to live the good life is to be like a house servant, who knows their assignment and is focused on doing it well. My reward has greater meaning and purpose now as I live out God’s call, and long-term dividends in the future when I give account to God for how I invested my time and talent.

But there’s a second part of what Jesus said…

He went on to say you are responsible for what you have been given. The cost of not being ready and focused on what you What has all your winning cost youare called to do is very high. It’s not uncommon for me to be coaching a CEO or entrepreneur, who most would consider to be living the dream life, and hear sadness and regret when I ask, “What has all your winning cost you?”

When you have been given much and squander it by drifting or through self-absorption, you not only lose the reward in heaven…

…You lose the richness of living a life of significance.

…You also suffer the loss of what you were trying to hold on to – power, identity, wealth, achievement. It will eventually go away.

So, what is all your winning costing you?

Join us at the Halftime Institute if you want to dream about what your second half could be. Getting clear and focused on your second-half calling is not only a privilege, it’s a responsibility. We can help. We’ve helped many men and women over the years, and we want to help you as well.

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Lloyd Reeb
Lloyd Reeb is a successful real estate developer and retirement housing owner who made a mid-life transition, looking for greater meaning, joy and impact in his second half. To his surprise he discovered that he was not alone in this journey and that many talented leaders are longing for midlife renewal.

Lloyd has had the privilege of investing 20 years helping leaders plan their second half. He helped launch the Halftime Institute, a global team that teach, coach and connect successful men and women in pursuit of significance.

In Lloyd’s words, “When all you've done or own seems to matter less …and your heart craves more meaning, joy and balance...when something triggers in your mind that you're entering your second half of life and you're unsure what your calling is for the next season... you’re in Halftime.”

Lloyd has taken the Halftime message around the world: speaking, teaching and coaching individuals through the journey. As a result, he understands the issues that surround your Halftime in a deep and practical way.

He is the author of From Success to Significance: When the Pursuit of Success Isn’t Enough, which is a road map for this mid-life transition. His book The Second Half: Real stories, Real adventures, Real Significance provides compelling evidence that your second half could be the most creative and productive season of your life.

Lloyd and his wife, Linda, have written the book  Halftime for Couples. His latest e-book is Finally Connected: Deep, Rewarding Relationships in your Second Half.

Lloyd and Linda live on Lake Norman in North Carolina. They have three adult children - 2 daughters and 1 son - plus a daughter-in-law, son-in-law, and 1 granddaughter.

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