By Lloyd Reeb, author of Introducing to Halftime Group eCurriculum


I got a call recently from someone I have been coaching through Halftime, and he asked, “Lloyd I notice that you use routines and habits a lot in your life. What would you say have been the five most leveraged or influential habits in your life?” I had never given that much thought.

When I look honestly at accomplishments in my first half I notice that they were supported largely by a few healthy habits around focus and work. Now that I am well into my second half journey this question caused me to wonder how habits support a great second half?

First I listed all the influential habits which are daily shaping who I will become. Then I bounced them around with my closest friends – looking for the five most leveraged.

My most influential habits

The most influential habits in my life are (not in any order): daily exercise,  sleep,  dressing to  tryto look sharp J,  mission-driven yearly goals,  a daily To Do list,  bible/church,  work on one thing at a time,  Linda Days each week,  order water,  regular Dr/Dentist visits,  pruning time commitments,  friend time weekly, read Architectural Digest/Wall Street Journal,  de-clutter my surroundings,  wine each day,  spend my life surrounded by beauty,  tithing,  keep my car clean,  coffee,  silence/solitude .  The habit I most need to strengthen: prayer!

Some of these habits are helpful influences in my life and some are not so helpful – but the truth is these are my habits. They tell you something about who I will become over these next thirty years. I think the five most influential Halftime Habits in my life are:

  • Silence & solitude – This lets me listen to my heart and to God
  • Mission-driven goals & daily ‘To Do’ lists – This channels my work toward my calling
  • Exercise with friends – This gives me perspective
  • Bible – This recalibrates my mind
  • Linda days – This grounds my life in relationships

What are the most influential habits in your life now and what five Halftime Habits do you think would be the cornerstone of shaping your second half to be what you most desire?  Join the conversation by commenting below.