Have you designed a roadmap? A roadmap is a game plan to form a vision for making the next season the best season —

It includes your long-term desires, personal mission statement, and a set of specific action plans to make a focused impact.

But what do you do when something grabs your heart that isn’t part of your roadmap strategy?

When we encounter something devastating like a global crisis, family in need, or systemic injustice — how do we know if it is a distraction or a redirection?

During the webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper are joined by Halftime Alum, Jason Spaeth to discuss his journey of feeling called to preserve hundreds of thousands of acres of American grasslands – to being all in helping Afghan refugees in deep crisis. 

CLICK HERE to watch or listen to the recording of our conversation.

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During our time together, Jason and Lloyd share wisdom for pivoting after coming face-to-face with a big need.

3 Principles for Spontaneous Compassion 

1. Persistence – Pay attention to what continues to tug at your heart over time. This could be a need in your own neighborhood or a news story from across the globe. 

2. Prayer – Ask God for guidance and imagine the outcome. Look for opportunities to get involved, trust the Lord, and take the next step forward.

3. Purpose – When following God’s purpose, we may not have all of the answers. However, we can expect the Lord’s presence and goodness to be with us. 

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Jason Spaeth manages Darrigans Creek Capital, a single-family office established in 2015. Darrigans Creek Capital is involved in a number of investment strategies with a particularly focus on private equity, venture capital, natural resources and real estate. Mr. Spaeth has significant experience in investing in alternative investment strategies both at the fund level and individual deal level. In addition to managing Darrigans Creek, he serves on the board of directors for Umbono Energy LLC, an upstream natural gas company.

Prior to forming Darrigans Creek, Mr. Spaeth was a Managing Partner of Värde Partners, Inc., a multi-billion-dollar, global alternative investment firm. At Värde, he was responsible for managing a team focused on illiquid investment strategies in the U.S. and Europe. He contributed to the firm’s growth and development by establishing and building the company’s first non-US office in London; developing and executing illiquid investment strategies in the U.S. and Europe; and capitalizing on the distressed opportunity set following the financial crisis of 2008. He has experience investing in commercial real estate, residential real estate developments, household credit, corporate debt, and private equity. Mr. Spaeth joined Värde Partners in 1997 as an analyst. He was promoted to partner after five years of employment and retired in 2014.

His other interests include being a parent of three boys with his wife Anne; serving as a trustee of Westminster Presbyterian Church; a board member of the Minnesota Land Trust; and pursuing his philanthropic interests pertaining to private land conservation, affordable housing, and increasing financial security for individuals who might otherwise lack access to traditional capital sources.

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