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Help! I CAN’T FIND my PASSION – Part 2

By Lloyd Reeb A few years ago we began to explore one of the most frustrating challenges that Halftimers face –   “I can’t find something I am really passionate about.” There are four common causes for this frustration. With these frustrations we have a few steps to help you move past them. If you see yourself in one of these scenarios I encourage you take us up on our “hour of free coaching” offer to talk with a Halftime coach to leverage their expertise in moving you deeper into

Help! I CAN’T FIND my PASSION – Part 22018-06-25T13:30:52-05:00

This is My Halftime Story: Paul Roney

By Keith Butterfield A succinctly crafted headline for Paul Roney’s life might be:  “Remarkable, Rewarding and Not Surprising.”  Paul himself probably would put it humbly that way. But -- as headlines usually do – it fails to tell the story completely, because Paul’s life more than “lives up” to those descriptors.  Consider: He has gone from being a college student very undecided about his life path in the late 1970’s – including whether to marry or to pursue a single life of service to the Catholic Church – to

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Help! I Can’t Find My Passion – Part 1

by Lloyd Reeb If passion is the fuel that drives us, and if it’s an essential ingredient to a sustainable second half filled with meaning and impact, then … what do you do if you cannot find your passion? Few things in the season we call “halftime” are as frustrating as reaching a point where you want more. You have the margin and health to pursue a second career or new adventure. You see others living in their sweet spot lost in something bigger than themselves, but that “something”

Help! I Can’t Find My Passion – Part 12018-06-25T13:31:00-05:00
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