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       By Dean Niewolny, President and CEO of the Halftime Institute David was an unlikely champion, sent by his father to the battlefield to not necessarily fight Goliath, but to take provisions to his brothers and their captains and report back. A father would not typically send his teenage son into a campaign such as this, much less to fight the champion of the Philistine army one-on-one. Prior to this, David was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel to become king of Israel. Can you imagine David leaving

IS THERE NOT A CAUSE… FOR ME?2018-01-04T14:29:24-06:00

Five Keys To Transform Your Business And Your Life

By John Sikkema, Halftime Institute Director of Global Partners and Executive Chariman of Halftime Australia For business owners, the line between personal and business life is inevitably blurred. Managing a business is a demanding juggling act, sidelining valued relationships, resulting in frustration and a lack of control over any aspect of our lives. I’ve lived by the following five key principles to create balance in business, freeing time for family and relationships: Get Your Foundation Right And Be Clear On The Destination Having the wrong people in key roles results

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It’s Time To Say No

By Diane Paddison, Halftime Institute Alumnus and Founder of 4word Women Everyone I know experiences some kind of pressure to do more, whether at work, with family, at church or with countless worthy causes. We live in a culture that values achievement so highly, it's nearly impossible to imagine not loading up our plates with responsibilities. We pressure ourselves, too. We pressure ourselves with unreasonable expectations, with false comparisons to what we imagine or assume others are handling. Our choices and circumstances are leading to a growing number of professionals who are

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