There’s No Perfect Plan or Perfect Moment

All too often, as I connect with business men and women around Australia, I hear myself often saying, "There's no perfect plan or perfect moment, so don't wait for it!" In my book, 'Enriched:Re-defining Wealth', I highlight seven principles that challenge people's road blocks to pursuing an enriched life.  Principle #6 is exactly this, waiting for a perfect plan or moment is no longer an option. People often ask me when they should jump into a second-half career or a career that is based on meaning and purpose.  I

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Five Keys To Transform Your Business And Your Life

By John Sikkema, Halftime Institute Director of Global Partners and Executive Chariman of Halftime Australia For business owners, the line between personal and business life is inevitably blurred. Managing a business is a demanding juggling act, sidelining valued relationships, resulting in frustration and a lack of control over any aspect of our lives. I’ve lived by the following five key principles to create balance in business, freeing time for family and relationships: Get Your Foundation Right And Be Clear On The Destination Having the wrong people in key roles results

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