All too often, as I connect with business men and women around Australia, I hear myself often saying, “There’s no perfect plan or perfect moment, so don’t wait for it!”

In my book, Enriched:Re-defining Wealth, I highlight seven principles that challenge people’s road blocks to pursuing an enriched life.  Principle #6 is exactly this, waiting for a perfect plan or moment is no longer an option.

People often ask me when they should jump into a second-half career or a career that is based on meaning and purpose.  I always urge them to be just as ‘reckless’ and impulsive as they were when they were younger.

Too many people become more cautious and conservative as they get older, avoiding risks at all costs. Many are wanting all of their ‘ducks lined up’ before they will take the leap of faith to act.  I know of a few mates who love the idea of a much more enriched second half but who have spent five years working on the perfect plan and waiting for the perfect moment.  If you wait for the perfect moment, you’ll never get there because the perfect moment doesn’t exist.__________

Reclaim the spirit of adventure that defined you in your earlier years! Approach this new career with the same energy and fearlessness that fueled your ambition when you were twenty and all you had was half a chance!

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John Sikkema
“I have watched many people who are running a thriving business, or who are in the middle of a remarkable career, yet have this vague sense that something is missing; life hasn’t turned out as they’d hoped.  Few things make me happier than seeing others ‘get it’ and make the necessary changes and use the unique Halftime process to discover their life purpose and calling.”

As an accomplished business leader, CEO and the largest shareholder of a national financial planning group and Funds Management company, John successfully sold the two businesses to an Australian top ASX 200 company. He had transformed the small company he started in Tasmania into a successful franchise business with 65 offices across Australia.

Yet, it was his personal transformation in moving his focus from success to significance that remains his most satisfying and rewarding achievement.

John was inspired to bring the Halftime Institute coaching programs to Australia after reading the book ‘Halftime’, visiting Dallas, Texas, and meeting Bob Buford in 2008.

Today, as Director of Halftime Institute’s Global Partners, John is passionate about inspiring and empowering motivated leaders in different countries around the world to become part of the growing Halftime movement, by helping other high capacity leaders to become world changers.

After frequently sharing the story of his own powerful halftime journey, he wrote Enriched: Re-defining Wealth, in which he tells of the harsh lessons he learnt in his pursuit of success; contrasting with the life of impact and adventure he has enjoyed since having a life changing spiritual encounter.

John is also actively involved in the church planting movement, Empart. He regularly takes entrepreneurs, business and community leaders on trips to North India, which is truly a life-changing experience.

John and his wife Sue live near the beaches of Bayside, Melbourne, Australia and have four adult children.

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