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Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: Build on Islands of Health and Strength

BOB BUFORD is known for being the voice of a generation, a prolific author, speaker, and philanthropist whose immense and widespread contribution to business leadership, personal transformation, and the growth of the modern church cannot be measured. Bob’s book Halftime began a movement of an entire generation of successful business professionals transitioning to a LIFE OF EVEN GREATER SIGNIFICANCE and eventually to the creation of the Halftime Institute. Join us as we honor his legacy by exploring Bob Buford's Top Ten Values over the course of the year.

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: Build on Islands of Health and Strength2022-03-24T14:32:27-05:00

3 Biblical Principles for Pursuing Financial Freedom

By: Dean Niewolny, Chief Executive Officer of Halftime Institute Is pursuing success and the accumulation of wealth “okay” for Christians? For years, many have wrestled with this question. However, the root of the matter is less about how much money you have, and more about where your heart is. If God has given you the ability to make money, and it’s His money anyway, the question then becomes what are you doing with that money for Kingdom purposes?  Rather than encouraging you to sell your belongings and

3 Biblical Principles for Pursuing Financial Freedom2022-03-24T14:33:24-05:00

Finding Financial Freedom

This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis. There is a big difference between financial independence and financial freedom.  If you are wrestling with the question how much is enough?, then this helpful conversation is for you. Ron Blue, Founder of Kingdom Advisors, and Ronald Blue & Company (now Ronald Blue Trust), CEO of Ron Blue Institute, and Author of 20+ books is a Halftime Alum who knows that the Bible offers simple but challenging steps to financial freedom

Finding Financial Freedom2022-03-24T14:34:44-05:00
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