Stepping into God’s Redemptive Story: HT Alum Barbara’s Live Interview

What does it look like to participate in the unique plan that God has for each of us? While she didn’t have all of the answers, Barbara did have the courage to take the next step in faith. We interviewed Barbara Foulkrod live this week during our Halftime Alumni Spotlight. Barbara shared her passion for the redemptive power of the Lord and how this passion manifested as a second half calling. Together, Barbara and her husband Allin walked through the season of halftime seeking clarity

Stepping into God’s Redemptive Story: HT Alum Barbara’s Live Interview2019-10-04T14:46:29-06:00

Finding Your Mission Field (Is It In Your Career Field?): HT Alum LeAnn’s Live Interview

How do you live out a desire to serve those in need with the demands of a high-powered career? It isn't easy, and it looks different for every person. Dr. LeAnn Kridelbaugh made that transition over the past year, and she shared candidly with us this week what it has been like to live out her high-powered career alongside her passion to serve. From Hospital Executive to Refugee Health Center Dr. LeAnn Kridelbaugh describes her discovery of Halftime and the Fellows Program as

Finding Your Mission Field (Is It In Your Career Field?): HT Alum LeAnn’s Live Interview2019-10-03T16:12:02-06:00

Tragedy to Transformation: Interview with John Ramstead, HT Alum

John Ramstead’s first half experiences were diverse and adventurous, but nothing compared to what he encountered in mid-life. Imagine this: John started out in the United States Navy where he served as a fighter pilot. Then he transitioned to an entrepreneur and then to leading a Fortune 500 management team. Then life threw him an enormous curve ball - a tragic accident that no one thought he would come back from. After 23 surgeries, he not only survived, but he now lives a very full life and

Tragedy to Transformation: Interview with John Ramstead, HT Alum2019-06-05T11:55:41-06:00

Q&A: How We Can Hear From God in the Season of Halftime

Hearing from God in our halftime journey is key. Having confirmation that we are headed in the right direction gives us peace and courage. In this Q&A, I'll share some of my story and some observations I've made over the years about listening to God. My hope is that it resonates and proves useful to you on your journey. If you want to continue the conversation about your halftime journey, and how our team can help, please don't hesitate to contact us.   Why do we want and need

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5 Common Questions About Halftime Answered

Let me begin by saying that I love what I do here at the Halftime Institute. I know that every day my work is making a difference in the lives of those we serve. People come to us at a critical time in their lives and we help them figure out what’s next for them in a way that allows them to use all of their gifts and talents to finish well. It doesn’t get better than that. As with all times of change that we go through,

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5 Indicators You’re in Halftime

“How I know for sure that I’m in the season Halftime?” I’m going to let you in on a little secret: there are 5 Indicators to help you discern if you’re in halftime. Every day I speak with men and women trying to discern if they are in the season of Halftime, and I listen for these indicators to know if we’re a good fit for them. When I was in the season, I was so confused and frustrated that I actually came running to the Halftime Institute

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The biggest mistake most of us make in the first half [of our lives] is not taking enough time for the things that are really important. The Halftime Institute helps you explore three stages of life: The first half: This is the time when most people focus more on their careers and less on others (and other significant causes). Bob Buford talks about how his career (in the television business) took off. He had tremendous success, but had a “success panic” that made him stop and reevaluate his priorities. He