New Book Coming Soon: The Joy Model

Dean Niewolny shares about a new book by Halftime Director of Global Coaching, Jeff Spadafora.  Have you ever wondered why you’re not experiencing the joy and peace God promises? I was staring face to face with this question in 2006. I remember looking out of the window of my corner office in downtown Chicago. I was a leader in the financial services sector, overseeing a thriving business of over $100M. I remember thinking, “I should be the happiest person in the world. By society’s standpoint, I have made it.

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How Serious Am I?

       By Halftime Alum Claudia Cantrell After returning to Atlanta from the Halftime Institute with my cohort in October 2015, I was so energized! I am sure that we, the alumni, share these memories of recalling past adventures, successes, failures, and losses. In addition, we had a great and fun time meeting and getting to know our cohort group and the coaches.  We all left with a draft of our own personal mission statements, goals, and a determination to “tackle the world” and make a difference in

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Two Big Changes At Halftime We Want You To Know About

More than fifteen years into Halftime—and with rich and varied input from people like you—we are pleased to announce; 1) a name improvement and 2) a new program. Change No. 1, to improve clarity, is our name.  To the question “What is Halftime… a book? A movement? An organization?” the answer now is: Halftime (the organization) is now the Halftime Institute – for advanced learning and personal growth. And our new tagline further clarifies us as The University for Your Second Half to give both clarity and an academic

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