New Book Coming Soon: The Joy Model


Dean Niewolny shares about a new book by Halftime Director of Global Coaching, Jeff Spadafora. 


Have you ever wondered why you’re not experiencing the joy and peace God promises?

I was staring face to face with this question in 2006. I remember looking out of the window of my corner office in downtown Chicago. I was a leader in the financial services sector, overseeing a thriving business of over $100M. I remember thinking, “I should be the happiest person in the world. By society’s standpoint, I have made it. What’s wrong?”

I began down a path to find the true and lasting joy that the Bible talks about. The journey has been incredible, and it has been a process of discovery and deep learning. Much of our transition through Halftime is a process of seeking and finding lasting joy.

If lasting joy is aluding you, you’re not alone. Everyone desires joy, though as humans we often struggle to find it. If we have found it, we often have difficulty living it daily. That’s why I am thrilled by the upcoming release of The Joy Model: A Step by Step Guide to Peace, Purpose, and Balance by Halftime Director of Global Coaching, Jeff Spadafora. Jeff was actually my Halftime Coach when I was enrolled at the Halftime Institute.

This book is a result of a decade of personal growth, life coaching, coach leadership and study Jeff has undergone.

At the Halftime Institute, we are dedicated to helping marketplace leaders channel their first-half achievement into a second half defined by joy, impact, and balance. Jeff has taken his findings from coaching and leading the global network of Halftime coaches over the past decade, along with a deep knowledge of scripture and has developed a model that can be easily understood and followed. For all of us seeking joy in our lives, this is a must read.

Halftime Institute Founder, Bob Buford, has written the foreward of The Joy Model. In it he says, “The work to discover your calling, it turns out, is just one important leg on your life journey toward joy. The Joy Model maps the full route, providing a fully integrated pathway to deep and lasting joy and to greater peace and freedom, regardless of your age, gender, or income.”

Here are 3 quick ways you can get a taste of The Joy Model:

1. Sample the Book: If you’d like to get a taste of the book before the release, you can download the first four chapters of the book for free.

2. Special Pre-Order Price: The Joy Model will be released on October 18th. It is temporarily available to be pre-ordered at a discounted price through Click here to pre-order The Joy Model.

3. Check out Jeff’s Blog: Jeff has been blogging on the subject of Joy, and his posts share his real-time reflections on joy during this season. Read The Joy Model Blog.

It’s our prayer that Jeff’s book touches countless individuals and allows them to live with more joy, peace, purpose, and balance.

by Dean Niewolny

Dean. White shirt croppedDean Niewolny is the CEO of the Halftime Institute. He says, “The appetite for significance is at an all time high, yet most people have no idea where or how to identify their gifts and talent—and to connect to their passions. And that’s my love for Halftime. Nothing satisfies more than to help a man or woman say, ‘This is what God has for me to do.’” Dean has worked with and been coached by Jeff Spadafora, and the two share a strong calling to help other leaders discern God’s call on their lives and to live into it to make an eternal impact.




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