Halftime Institute Makes Strategic Shift in Leadership

New Co-Executive Directors with extensive experience to take the lead as tenured CEO transitions into Chairman role.

As a valued member of the Halftime community, we want you to be the first to hear of a recent strategic shift to our leadership:

We are excited to announce that new Co-Executive Directors with extensive experience will take the lead as our tenured CEO, Dean Niewolny, transitions into a position as Chairman of the Board. 

First, we would like to thank Dean for 11 years of faithful service at Halftime.

As CEO, Dean’s Spirit-led leadership, faithful stewarding practices, and strategic vision have allowed us to expand our reach and equip countless leaders for Kingdom impact around the globe. 

As Chairman, Dean will be able to leverage his relator skillset to act as an Ambassador for Halftime, creating spaces for transparency, connection, learning, and growth.

Dean’s words of wisdom from 11 years serving as Halftime Institute CEO:

If what you’re chasing is not your calling, it has no lasting power. Callings change and course corrections are expected — even welcomed. When a calling doesn’t work out, you’re not a failure. Everyone has a unique calling, embrace and encourage that individuality. 


JIM STOLLBERG spent 30 years in business, holding leadership roles in the supply chain automation and management consulting industries.

As EVP Global R&D at Dematic, he led their technology transformation, positioning them as a market leader in automation solutions for the world’s top e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing companies…

TOM MCGEHEE served in the Marines for 12 years before moving to Texas, first to work on large outsourcing deals with EDS, then to become a Partner with Ernst & Young Consulting.

As a leader in the area of group facilitation and collaborative work, Tom’s work extends to over 25 countries and has carried him from some of the biggest boardrooms in the US, to some of the world’s most innovative churches…


We recently sat down with Jim, Tom, and Dean to discuss their new roles and explore the future of Halftime:

Q: How has Halftime impacted your life so far?

Jim:  Like many, I first heard of Halftime through the book. It was given to me by a mentor of mine when I was in my late 20’s. I loved it, but found myself committed to achieving “success” above all else. About 25 years later (and much wiser), that same mentor recommended I participate in the Fellows Program, which I did in 2019. It was nothing less than transformational for me.

Tom: I had the privilege of working with Bob Buford and Lloyd Reeb to help launch the Halftime Institute back in 2003. I designed and facilitated the initial materials and sessions we did for clients. It’s amazing to see how much that content has evolved into several program offerings today. I participated in the Fellows Program in 2020 and it has been meaningful to be back working shoulder to shoulder with my Halftime Family.

Q: How does this new role align with your own Ephesians 2:10 calling?

Jim: My mission statement is: To bring Christ-centered leadership to my relationships. I can’t think of a better platform from which to make that mission a reality, both for my current relationships, and new ones that develop through Halftime. I can’t help but be energized by the stories I hear of Halftime transformations and the personal joy and Kingdom impact that comes from them.

Tom: My mission statement is: To help people have the best conversations they can, to do what God is calling them to do. For more than twenty years, I have primarily “lived out” my Eph. 2:10 Calling through my work facilitating various small and large groups. About two years ago, I felt God calling me to focus more on working with individuals. I am very humbled and excited about bringing my expertise in facilitation and passion to help people live a truly abundant life to Halftime.

Dean: As Chairman, I will be able to leverage my Relator (my CliftonStrengths top strength) skillset in order to act as an Ambassador for Halftime, creating spaces for transparency, connection, learning, and growth. This role will allow me to support and encourage members of the Halftime Family as they discern how God has uniquely wired them and then maximize those skills by getting connected. 

Q: Dean, what would you share with Jim and Tom as a note of encouragement/support moving forward in their new roles?

Dean: Don’t overthink things. God puts us in our roles, so go with your gut/instincts and trust them. You plant the seeds… let God handle the results. Don’t get discouraged when things don’t quite work the way you want them to; God often uses our efforts in ways we may not see. Don’t be afraid to fail, continuously try new things.

Q: What lies ahead for the future of Halftime?

Tom and Jim: The future for Halftime is one of increasing impact. We are positioned globally to not only grow in the number of high-capacity leaders we work with, but also to begin to really connect Halftimers to create collaborations that multiply the power of each individual calling. We will be expanding our services to leverage our great, global community of friends.

Dean: We are in a position to expand and serve countless folks around the world who are in their own season of “smoldering discontent”. We have the right board, leadership, staff, and strategy to make the next few decades the best ever for Halftime – and we are in times where what we do is needed like never before. Our dream is to serve new and existing Halftimers throughout their lives and become a global family that leans, learns, and loves each other in a way that glorifies God.

Q: Is there anything else you would like the Halftime community to know?

Jim: Our mission and vision at Halftime has never been more relevant. We have a unique ability to impact the world through helping leaders find and live out their Ephesians 2:10 Callings in a community of like-minded friends. Collectively, we have the ability to change the world and serve the kingdom.

Tom: Like many businesses and ministries, the pandemic has prompted Halftime to innovate and evolve in order to not only fulfill, but also expand our mission. Last year, in the midst of a global pandemic and so much uncertainty, 260 clients from around the world boldly took the first step toward greater clarity and impact. We plan on continuing to innovate so we can help as many high-capacity leaders around the world as possible both find and live out their Ephesians 2:10 Callings.

Dean: As a good friend once said, “If everyone around the globe knew their Ephesians 2:10 calling, we would have Heaven on earth.” Invite your friends to experience what it is like to be in God’s uniquely designed sweet spot for their lives. Transformation takes time and never fully finishes this side of Heaven.

The Halftime Institute is a global fellowship of friends committed to leveraging our leadership capacity for God’s purposes. 

We are excited about this new season in store for the Halftime community. If there is anything we can do to serve, connect, or equip you on your path to maximized Kingdom impact in the meantime, please reach out.

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