Cohort (noun): A community of like-minded peers who are tackling real challenges, encouraging each other with sound wisdom, and seeking to live with purpose no matter the circumstances.

At Halftime, we have found that there is power in connecting with others who are on a similar journey.

The Cohort is an integral component of the Fellows Program. Each Fellow belongs to a Cohort, which connects them with a tight-knit group of authentic leaders receiving and providing insightful breakthroughs while journeying together toward greater impact.

But you may be wondering: why does this structure matter? What makes it effective?

Our Cohort concept is built on three applicable principles for living with impact in your next season:

1. Avoid rugged individualism.

The temptation exists for smart, high-achieving individuals to tackle their unique mission the same way they attack a strategic project at the office – putting their head down and simply outworking everyone else.

Here’s the problem with that strategy in this season:  This isn’t a product to be launched or an initiative to create.

It’s a deeply personal journey filled with a crazy mix of emotions and a variety of potholes and distractions that derail most people when they go it alone. Isolation is a trap that many fall into, hindering their potential for balance, impact and joy in the next season. Do you find yourself wrestling with rugged individualism?

Consider these questions…

    • In what areas are you most tempted to go it alone? Why is this?
    • Who could you include as you navigate transition into the season ahead?
    • Are you connected with others on the same journey as you?

(Hint: Our Fellows Program may be the perfect way to get plugged in to community of peers. We have space for you in our next cohort launching Spring 2021!)

2. Harness the power of peer connection.

We’ve designed our programs to intentionally avoid those isolation traps and instead harness the power of peer connection.

Each cohort participates in 4 high-impact, live workshops in addition to numerous virtual connection opportunities throughout the year. By the end of the process, many cohorts look back to discover that they have become about as close as they possibly could be outside of an actual family.

Here’s what our cohort members have shared….

“I tried to figure out my next season on my own and failed miserably. I needed a process that was intentional. I couldn’t have gotten to where God wanted me without my Coach and my Cohort.” – Halftime Fellow (Attorney)

“Having worked in a strategic planning role for over a decade at the highest levels of the U.S. military, I have yet to take part in a process that enabled a diverse group to develop individual, coherent life plans the way Halftime did for each member of my Cohort.” – Halftime Fellow (U.S. Military Leader)

“I do a lot on my own as an owner. I had no idea how much I needed strong friendships. I needed this group.”– Halftime Fellow (Entrepreneur)

3. Look to the long haul.

The strength of the Cohort is found in its longevity. More than just a “one and done” program, Cohorts become friends for a lifetime, serving as sounding boards, thought-partners, and sources of encouragement — no matter the season.

Discover the power of connectivity between cohort members who have committed to walking alongside each other for the long haul.

We hope you’ll take a moment to reflect on and be inspired by these stories:

As Halftime Fellow, Major General Chris M. was navigating his own transition, he struggled with the idea that nothing seemed to fit. 

With a list of criteria that was top priority, Chris spent time in prayer wrestling through the fact that nothing was clicking. The very next day he received a call from a Cohort member, Brian J., inviting him to fly out to NYC and speak on strategic planning to a financial firm and foundation. During his visit, Chris and Brian ended up having a two-hour discussion together with the Co-CEO of the organization.

Before he went out to speak to the firm, Brian asked the Co-CEO if he wanted to tell Chris anything prior to his presentation. Expecting to receive some speaking tips, Chris instead found out that they wanted him to be a part of the team. By the end of the day, Chris had an informal offer to become a Senior Advisor and Co-President to the Foundation which is exactly what ended up happening. He and his wife accepted the offer and a few days later had a contract to rent an apartment in mid-town NYC, two blocks from where he would work.   

Today, Chris is part of Archegos Capital Management, an organization committed to developing Kingdom minded capitalists, and its associated Grace and Mercy Foundation which supports the poor and oppressed, and helps people learn, grow, and serve.

The Foundation donates millions of dollars annually to ~80 organizations around the globe, most of which are Christian based. They also help others learn and grow professionally, personally, and spiritually through initiatives including Public Reading of Scripture Gatherings and Just Show Up Book Clubs.

Chris and Brian’s Cohort was full of incredibly diverse leaders across all backgrounds. But their common passion to support, encourage and love one another while leveraging their leadership experience for impact bonded them more strongly than they could’ve imagined and created a legacy that continues to live on.


There is leverage in creating kingdom impact together. At Halftime we are a global fellowship of friends that seeks to utilize our leadership capacity and influence for God’s purposes.

Learn how our programs provide a clear-cut process for navigating the next season PLUS a community of peers to connect with along the way.


At Halftime we are a global fellowship of friends composed of diverse leaders who are actively pursuing impact. Our desire to leverage our influence for God’s purposes is the common thread that unites us, and with this shared value comes a shared vocabulary. Like any friends, we have developed a distinct language of terms, tools, and tips unique to our community. We want to bring you into the loop on our lingo and connect you to the Halftime-isms that you’ll likely hear as we journey together toward impact. Join us throughout the year as we define and apply the language and resources that lead to life transformation.

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The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a next season defined by joy, impact, and balance. For more than 20 years, we’ve served thousands of men and women from varied backgrounds. The concept of ‘halftime’ was born out of the best-selling book, Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance, written by Bob Buford. Following the popularity and resonance of his book, Bob founded the Halftime Institute in order to provide a hands-on process and community for growth, support, and learning for people walking through their own season of ‘halftime’. Since then, the Institute has expanded to include world-class Coaches, Staff, and Resources – equipping leaders all over the globe. Interested in gaining clarity for your next season? Fill out the contact form below!