A Coach’s Point of View

Stay Your Shape

       By Lim Kim Pong, Halftime Coach and Founder/CEO of StrengthsAsia My first encounter with Curt Lisveld was in a classroom on the Gallup Campus.  Curt is the guy that taught me everything I know about strengths.  He made it real for me. I was seated in the last row for the first ever Gallup Accelerated Strengths Coaching Course in the world. Curt was up front facing all of us.  To this day, I can still hear that distinct voice of his.  It is uniquely Curt’s with

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The Joy Conundrum in TwoTen Magazine

By Jeff Spadafora I coach Christians who are discontent with their life. Interestingly, they’re mostly folks who have–relatively speaking–a pretty good life. Far from perfect, but far, too, from disastrous. When it comes to work, marriage, parenting, health and finances, the clients I work with are more blessed than challenged. And yet something significant is still missing in their lives. What is it that their hearts crave? At the most basic and foundational level, what does your heart crave? The answers I most often hear are “purpose” and “meaning.”

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Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half- Part 4

Throughout the Thriving Family email series we’ve covered important elements and questions to encourage you to stop and think through your vision, role and strategy to leading your family in the second half of your life. If you missed Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3, be sure to go back and check it out. As we mentioned in the first blog, one of the most rewarding aspects of the Halftime Journey is taking our family with us on this exploration and adventure. Linda and I want our kids and

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Building a Thriving Family In Your Second Half- Part 3

By Lloyd and Linda Reeb It’s hard to believe we’re already to Part 3 of the Building a Thriving Family email series. If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 be sure to go back and check it out. This week we are going to dive in deep and focus on your leadership role within the family, family values, and the risks and opportunities for each individual in your family. Questions For Building a Thriving Family 1. Leadership: What is your role in leading the family, and what is your

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A Coach’s Point of View:  Discovering the Heart Journey of Halftime

By Steve Ivaska “So what is God showing you?”  Those were the words my Halftime Coach asked shortly into our scheduled call.  Two months earlier I had attended a Halftime Institute Launch Event, gotten clarity around a personal mission statement to guide me, and formulated a game plan for moving forward in my “journey from success to significance.”  Strategy and planning always seemed to come easy.  The seemingly intuitive thought process served me well in my business career.  Where are we today, where do we want to be, and

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A Coach’s Point of View: What’s On Your Christmas List?

By Paul Steinway I can remember as a child spending hours completing a Christmas list. I knew what I wanted and I was pretty sure that if my list avoided asking for too much, I would likely get it all. How thrilled I was on Christmas day when I did indeed get the things on my list. As decades went by, it became increasingly difficult to put together my Christmas list. I really had little need for more stuff, and people around me began to say, “You’re impossible to buy

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A Coach’s Point of View: One Purpose

By Mathilda Fourie As Halftime coaches, we help people figure out what is next and how can they live purposefully in the second half of their lives.  As we walk alongside them in this journey, we help them discover vision, examine their past through guided reflection, explore possible serving opportunities that fit their unique design, skillset and passion so that they can have enduring impact and leave a legacy which will live on long after they have moved on.  We touch on things of the heart and things of

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Remember to Stroll

By Jeff Spadafora   An ordinary Tuesday. Launched with the Word. Skimming really. Mechanical. A little shallow today. Hmm. Time to move on. Things to do. Hustle and muscle. Create and collaborate. Despite the Christian labels Not much different from my B.C. days Old habits that used to serve well Now taking a toll on my heart Sure the kingdom grows. And people are blessed. Truth is revealed. But my pace and performance power it. Why this march?  Why this effort? Why do I forget trust and lock onto results?

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The Power of a Board of Directors

by Lloyd Reeb, Primary Spokesperson A Personal Board of Directors is a small group of 3-7 people comprised of family, friends, and/or colleagues who are willing to give you input, honest feedback, inspiration and encouragement over time as you go on your Halftime Journey. Why do Halftimers need a Personal Board of Directors? For years now, the Halftime Institute has noticed that people who transition from success to significance in the “healthiest” way have regular input from people who have been specifically asked to provide it. This is different

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A Coach’s Point of View: When You’ve Been Given Much

By Lloyd Reeb, Certified Master Coach "When you have been given much and squander it by drifting or through self-absorption, you lose big time." -Lloyd Reeb  You’ve been blessed with success and are looking for greater significance, but what are the rewards of trying to make a difference in this world? And, a more haunting question perhaps, what are the responsibilities that come with success? In my own halftime journey I was confronted by something Jesus said in Luke 12. There’s a large crowd surrounding Him and His small

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