Dream Together At Home (August 2020)

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Dream Together is a transformational experience for your marriage and family journey, designed for couples who don’t just want to leave a legacy, they want to LIVE it.

For a limited time, we are offering the Dream Together experience — from the comfort of your home!

Join us for 4, one-hour sessions via Zoom Video Conferencing technology facilitated by Lloyd and Linda Reeb, expert facilitators and co-authors of Halftime for Couples

The experience will be held in August, exact dates tbd by couples enrolled to attend. 

Price: $750 / Couple.


  1. PROVEN PLAN & PROCESS: For life-changing transformation – not only for your marriage but for your entire family.
  2. GET CLARITY: On your purpose and passions so you, your spouse, and your family can make a lasting impact in the areas that matter most.

  3. GET MORE ALIGNED: With your spouse on your values and your desires for the future.

  4. GAIN INSIGHTS: By being in a small workshop with other faith-filled authentic couples who share your desire of living purposefully and making an impact with all that they’ve been entrusted with.


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