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Don’t miss Halftime Founding Partner, Lloyd Reeb, featured on the Play to Potential Podcast with Deepak Jayaraman for a conversation packed with insights for anyone who is looking to make a thoughtful transition from Success to Significance and Surrender.

Play to Potential Podcast is a bouquet of curated conversations hosted by Deepak Jayaraman that features guests from different walks of life and distills insights on topics around Leadership, Transitions and Careers. Deepak Jayaraman is an Executive Coach and is the CEO of Transition Insight, where he works with successful senior executives and helps them play to their unique potential by working with them closely during phases of high stakes transition. Transitions are often points in time when people are lonely, problems are complex, stakeholders are many and stakes are high. Deepak finds it fulfilling to make a difference to people at these pivotal points in their journey.