This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis.

Many Halftime Alumni are deeply invested in businesses, nonprofits, and ministries that are struggling today as a result of the current crisis. As social entrepreneurs, business owners, and board members, many are facing unexpected layoffs, forfeiting incomes, and other cost-cutting measures to survive and carry on with producing valuable (and in many cases faith-focused) work.

Do you find yourself facing these challenges or others like them? Are you asking how to best navigate so that you make it through to the other side even stronger?

Chris Crane, Edify Chairman/Co-Founder and Harvard MBA, recently joined Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper to discuss creative ways you can advance your mission even in the midst of a crisis.

We hope this conversation will provide practical ideas on how to avoid despair and instead pursue productivity in this unique season.

CLICK HERE to view the webinar recording and notes.