This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis.

From local charities and churches to the world’s largest non-governmental organizations (NGOs), most – if not all – nonprofits are struggling today as a result of the current crisis. Reduced funding, work-from-home restrictions, and workforce limitations put significant pressure on their ability to stay mission focused: serving others to meet various needs.

As one of the world’s largest NGOs, World Vision finds itself fighting the same battles many of us are facing as leaders today – but on a global scale.

World Vision serves the poorest of the poor. The people in the countries they serve frequently face overwhelming economic, medical, political, and social meltdown. Halftime Alum and President of World Vision, Edgar Sandoval, and his team are working around the clock to stay mission focused and find creative ways to continue serving people, despite the challenges.

Edgar recently joined Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper to discuss how to stay mission focused, both personally and organizationally. 

During our time together we explored practical tools for prioritizing what matters most during these unique times so that you are well-positioned to thrive as we come out of this season of crisis.

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