Editor’s note: Jeff Spadafora is our Director of Global Coaching Services, and has served on the Halftime Institute team since 2005. During a recent retreat, he wrote a poem… the first time he’s done so as an adult. In it, he surmises the Halftime experience very well.








A Journey
by Jeff Spadafora

Smoldering discontent
just below the surface.
Nameless, unidentifiable, real

Seeking success and man’s approval fuels
the frustration – the heat turns up.

Vain attempts to
apply impotent worldly salve to the wound.
More wilderness – adrift –unvoiced. Suffered alone.

Purpose and peace yearned for but
Pride and Comfort block the Truth.

Depravity and scandal blessedly avoided but problem unsolved.
All strategies prove hollow.
Spirit broken and finally ready to explore the way of humility.
Perhaps the path has already been paved. What’s to lose?

Clues about joy and meaning
bubble up from words of ancient wisdom.
Step by step. Verse by verse. Story by story.
My fingers are pried from my view of life
and prejudice against religion.

Blessed insight: I am imperfection separated from perfection
paying the price forever… and now.
God is real. Christ is real. The blessings are real.

The heart slowly softens.
Salvation but not freedom. The Truth stalled as a moral code.
Mere glimpses of joy.

A light is shone on discontent revealing its true colors: Disobedience.
It’s a new plateau – Halftime – and the old villains (Pride and Comfort)
return again to block the rest of the freedom freely given.

No choice but to go deeper—deeper into authenticity — deeper into
confession – deeper into foreign waters that call for a new level of bravery.

Nothing is in sight. Its all in faith. Trusting – imploring –the Holy Spirit to
convert knowledge into belief and relief.
Holding onto a promise that new insight will arrive.

Real joy finally tasted and now promising in return to pass it on.