Katherine Huske knows that trusting in God can bring order out of chaos. He has done it in her life and calls her to do it in the lives of others.

Katherine became a Christian at the relatively late age of 40. Living in Maui, with what would seem to others the perfect life—a beautiful husband and son, money, a great job and a nice home—her life was far from perfect. In fact, she had made the decision to walk away from it all when a business associate invited her to Bible study. She eventually said yes, and that decision led her to ultimately say “yes” to Jesus. From that point on, her life radically changed and two years later, her husband came to know the Lord as well.

Moving from Maui when her husband took a job in Aspen gave Katherine the opportunity to start her own marketing business. With twenty years of resort hotel experience, her client list was impressive and included khuskeHusbandThe Broadmoor, Hotel Jerome Aspen, and resorts in Tahoe, Vail, Snowmass, Puerto Vallarta and others. A turning point came when God provided an opportunity to work for famous Bible teacher Kay Arthur of Precept Ministries. Arthur’s work had had a profound impact on Katherine’s own Christian growth. “Kay taught me how to discover truth for myself in the Bible. It was life changing. It gave me a passion to teach others how to study the Bible and discover God’s truth for themselves.” So when the consulting project led to a full-time job, the couple moved to Chattanooga so she could work at the main office of Precept Ministries.

After four years at Precept, she was offered a job as VP of Marketing with The Pocket Testament League, a smaller ministry but a much bigger job, launching their international efforts in over 100 countries.

But even with the amazing ministries she was able to serve, God hinted He had something different in mind. “I was restless and wanted something more.”

At that critical juncture, a member of the Halftime Institute told her about the year-long program, and Katherine took the opportunity to find out more about moving from “success to significance” by enrolling in the program and attending the Launch Event in June of 2014. After that, her life took a turn.

It started on the first day of the Launch Event, with a huge “aha” moment for Katherine. “My whole life I’ve been helping others create order out of chaos…every job or client I have ever had was an opportunity to clean up a mess. I love messy things. I love the challenge of getting people, projects and processes in order. Now I know God has designed me to help others clean up the messes in their lives and in their thinking by helping them discover the truth in God’s Word.”

Another telling moment came when she was asked the question, “What do you want people to say at your 80th birthday party?” Katherine says, “I thought of the things I’ve done in marketing and business. Wonderful successes by the world’s standards. I had achieved financial goals, reduced expenses and increased revenues. That is not what I want people to say about me on my 80th birthday!  I do not want ‘marketing expert’ to be my legacy. God has a bigger plan for my life.

khuske.teachingHaitiThe year of coaching has truly been a transformational piece of the process. “My coach really encouraged me to clear space to hear from God. She never told me what to do, she just asked hard questions that made me reflect on my life.

As Katherine worked through those hard questions and continued to listen to the Lord, the next step became crystal clear. In November 2015, she began a new chapter of her life. Katherine is now focusing exclusively on God’s Word, training small group leaders on how to study the Word and how to disciple others to do the same. She is also working with a local rehab center, discipling young women whose chaotic lives are being transformed by the Word of God. She is writing weekly Bible Studies and focusing on a book about what God’s Word says about our messy mind and how God can and will transform our thinking. “I pray it will be a great tool for Bible Study leaders and for those God has put under my wing to disciple.”khuske.ukrainClassroom

My coach really encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. I was working endless hours … doing, doing and doing. In one of our first coaching sessions, I actually told my coach my favorite hobby was ‘search engine optimization’.  I was going for some kind of worldly achievement that I thought was pleasing to my Lord. I was totally faking myself out and couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

I am having a wonderful season of being with my precious Savior. It is deeper, richer, and sweeter than any thing I have ever experienced. I don’t need to speculate about what my next assignment is. I know God has an amazing plan and I’ll be still and listen for my marching orders and do whatever He says.

It seems clear that this season will bring even more to Katherine’s life, not only for herself, but for the many whose lives she is impacting for the Kingdom.


Paul McGinnis
Paul McGinnis’ first-half career was filled with a variety of roles in marketing, sales, and operations, working for a Fortune 250 company, two non-profits, and a family-run business.

As he climbed the corporate ladder, God began tugging at his heart – He had more for Paul than just success, wealth and a corner office. This started an incredible journey filled with wild leaps of faith, incredible lessons in humility and a life-changing shift in perspective.

Paul was introduced to the Halftime Institute by an alumnus. He enrolled and began working with his coach. At first, this led him to become a certified Halftime Coach to help other marketplace leaders navigate this unique season of “halftime” successfully, but he knew God had more for him. A few months later, the opportunity arose to join the Halftime Institute team in a full-time role for a period of time. This role, plus coaching, was the final piece of his Halftime puzzle.

He is currently serving as a Master Certified Halftime Coach and one of the facilitators for the Fellows Program.

Paul and his wife Maryann have been married 28 years and have two grown kids, Drew and Jennica.

“It’s been amazing for me to see God use every single aspect of my first half journey to lead me to a second half of joy and impact.  I now see the “why” behind many things that have happened in my life, and I thank God that He loves me enough to give me just a small glimpse into His plan, purpose and process."

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