Finding Hope in Halftime


Garreth_whiteSince his son’s death in 2008, Garreth spent each anniversary reflecting on what it all meant. He began to ask himself “What are my dreams? What do I want to do?” Things that had been important before were put in perspective, and one thing Gareth knew was that the corporate career path was not what he wanted to follow for the rest of his life. He wanted to do something that mattered. Gareth heard about Halftime Institute from a friend and signed up in 2012.

A Halftime Coach’s Impact…

“Thanks to my coach, I think I got a very clear picture out of my Launch Event of what I wanted to do. Fly, use the biplane, and help families who have gone through the same experience that I have,” says Gareth. But how do you turn a dream into a reality?

“There is no way I could have moved forward from that point without my coach.” Having regular coaching sessions forced Gareth to stop and gather his thoughts, and map a course for the next steps. It was clear to both of them that corporate life was not where Gareth belonged. But the financial realities meant that Gareth needed a plan that included a way to earn a living while flying.coaching_white The counsel of his coach proved to be invaluable. “Whatever you do, you need to be sure that you bring glory to God in it,” his coach advised early on. These words of wisdom helped Gareth to hone in on the hope he can offer in this ministry; a hope that no human agency can offer. As he seeks to help others dream again, the birth of his own dream brings his sons legacy alive.

Today, Gareth is Founder and Chief Pilot of Fly-Hope-Dream, an impactful organization that encourages families to dream big, using flight to transform those dreams into a lasting legacy of the child they’ve lost. Click here to learn more about what Gareth is doing with his Passion.

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