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5 Indicators You’re in Halftime

“How I know for sure that I’m in the season Halftime?” I’m going to let you in on a little secret: there are 5 Indicators to help you discern if you’re in halftime. Every day I speak with men and women trying to discern if they are in the season of Halftime, and I listen for these indicators to know if we’re a good fit for them. When I was in the season, I was so confused and frustrated that I actually came running to the Halftime Institute

5 Indicators You’re in Halftime2017-12-22T11:50:26-06:00

Do you think to yourself, “My Schedule is Insane!” ?

When a parent pleads “my crazy schedule” for why he or she is ghosting the kid’s event, or family time in general, if he or she will hear me, I have a pretty practical response. Ninety-nine percent of the men and women we work with are textbook type A’s, shrink-wrapped into their calendars with no margin in the day. Zero. Most of them are cell-phone dependent, doing life by the quarter hour. When we tell them, almost first thing, to open their calendars and clear out hours—plural—it’s like waving scissors at a patient’s morphine drip.

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Leslie Doll: From Faith in the Dark to Bringing Hope to the Hurt

"God has changed my heart in terms of my faith. I'm seeing that what He is doing is greater than what I ever could have imagined or wanted, or hoped for - and I don't know if I would have come to that realization without going through halftime." Bob Buford always said of his second half, "The fruit of my life will grow on other people's trees." This month's Halftime Alumni Spotlight, Leslie Doll, is one such example. The fruit of Bob's wisdom is growing in Leslie's life.

Leslie Doll: From Faith in the Dark to Bringing Hope to the Hurt2023-04-03T09:44:05-05:00
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