“How I know for sure that I’m in the season Halftime?”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: there are 5 Indicators to help you discern if you’re in halftime. Every day I speak with men and women trying to discern if they are in the season of Halftime, and I listen for these indicators to know if we’re a good fit for them.

When I was in the season, I was so confused and frustrated that I actually came running to the Halftime Institute looking for answers. Through that process, I discovered that it is my second half calling – my passion – to help men and women discover if they are in halftime and if our programs can help them. That’s why I gladly accepted the role of Director of Admissions.

We don’t want to keep the secret sauce to ourselves here at the Halftime Institute. We’re all about sharing with and serving halftimers so that there is no time wasted in getting clear, getting free, and getting going on doing exactly what God has for you in your second half.

I get crazy excited when I think about what God can do through YOU when you have that clarity, margin, and a concrete plan to impact the world around you – whether in your current career, with your family or friends, or in a new environment altogether. So, let’s get to the good stuff!

If two or three of the following resonate with you, welcome to the season of halftime.

What are the 5 Indicators You’re in Halftime?

1. A degree of restlessness – You know you need to shift something. You may have an idea of what it is (career change? Needing more margin?) or you may have no clue what needs to shift, but you sense a transition is coming.

2. A desire for more joy, peace, and fulfillment. Things are going OK, but you sense there’s more to life, more to God, and more for you.

3. A desire for Impact – You have a passion to make a difference. You want the time, energy, and talent you’ve honed in your first half to contribute to something meaningful. Some halftimers have a burning passion in a specific area that they feel like they need to devote more time and attention to. Others just know that they want their life to impact others and the process of going through our program helps them uncover passions or areas of opportunity to make an impact.

4. A need to finish well – You find yourself thinking more about what your life will mean. You want to finish well and leave a lasting legacy. This could take many shapes, but folks in halftime all share this desire.

5. A desire to prioritize most important relationships – You have a sense that you need more balance regarding your work, family, and other commitments so that the most important things get your best attention. Some halftimers feel that they are already living this out well but want to ensure it stays that way. Others feel they have forsaken important relationships in their success-building endeavors and long to re-prioritize.

You may not have all 5 Indicators, but as I mentioned above, if you have a combination of two or three of these indicators, we should definitely have a conversation.

Now, what to do?

It is not enough to know you’re in Halftime though. You need to do something about it. While we’re at it, I’ll share three indicators that the programs at the Halftime Institute could be right for you.

3 Indicators the Halftime Institute is for you:

1. You want a proven process and structure to help you through this process of figuring out what is next.

2. You want a guide to lead you through so that you avoid mistakes.

3. You want to be with like-minded peers who share the same desire to live with more clarity, joy, and impact and to finish well.

Over the past 20 years since Bob Buford went through this transition and wrote the book Halftime, we’ve developed proven methods of helping men and women to have the most impactful second half possible. Our team of coaches, faciliators, and staff have been through the halftime season and are devoted to helping others on their journeys.

If we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We are committed to service and ministry, so you’ll never have to worry about being “sold” on our programs. We’re committed to having the right people here more than having many people here. We are more concerned with how you’re doing 30 years from now than 30 days from now (though coaching can certainly benefit the next 30 days, too).

We have a few spots remaining in our Fellows Program in the January and other 2018 cohorts. The Halftime One on One Program has rolling admission, and we have several spots left this year.

If you’d like to touch base, contact me by using this form, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Wishing you a second half filled with refreshing clarity, great joy, and incredible lasting impact!

With gladness,

Rhonda Kehlbeck, Ph.D

Director of Admissions

Rhonda Kehlbeck
Rhonda spent her first half in education; her own (a Bachelors and Masters from Baylor and a PhD from Fordham University) and helping others with theirs as speaker, lecturer, teacher, and Professor at Dallas Baptist University. She is also an author of a book for parents that encourages reading and writing with children.

The Pittsburg, Texas native met her husband at church where he drew her name from a pool of 500 women to become her secret Valentine. More than 2 decades later, she and Keith have two daughters who are currently attending Oklahoma University.

As our Vice President of Admissions, many find their Halftime journey begins by interacting with Rhonda. Her nurturing and caring spirit helps people get enrolled into the Halftime Institute.

She is a 2013 Halftime Institute alumna and considers Psalm 86:11 her favorite verse: “Lord, tell me where you want me to go and I will go there. With all my heart, I will praise you.”

"I first read Bob Buford's book several years ago, but my Halftime really began when my youngest left for college. I knew then I didn't just want another job, but wanted to give back to God by making a significant impact for His kingdom.”

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