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Our New Offices Are Designed with You in Mind

It’s official! Our Halftime Institute offices have moved to a brand new location in Irving (Las Colinas area) just a few miles from where we were in Dallas. Designed specifically with you in mind, we believe this new space will allow us to better serve Halftimes, old and new. With new vibrant colors, redesigned collaboration space, and state of the art technology, we're excited for our future Halftimers to be a part of the incredible journey to discovering what God has called them to in their Second Half. For

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       By Dean Niewolny, President and CEO of the Halftime Institute David was an unlikely champion, sent by his father to the battlefield to not necessarily fight Goliath, but to take provisions to his brothers and their captains and report back. A father would not typically send his teenage son into a campaign such as this, much less to fight the champion of the Philistine army one-on-one. Prior to this, David was chosen by God and anointed by Samuel to become king of Israel. Can you imagine David leaving

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Some of my most precious memories are of my children running down the stairs on Christmas morning to find their gifts under the tree. They exuded an innocence and joy that made the packed stores and long lines worthwhile. The time Lisa and I spent with them while they un-wrapped each box and discovered what was inside remains priceless to me. And as they grow closer to adulthood, I pray I can continue to help them discover the gifts they already possess.The enthusiasm of new toys with the disappointment

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