What will you be remembered for? (The Joy Model Series, Part 2)

One spring break, my wife, Michelle, and I took the kids to Disney World. My mom and dad were with us, and we ran into a guy who had played football for my dad. My dad was a high school football coach in Massachusetts for more than thirty years. This former player, ten to twelve years older than I, was with his extended family on vacation too. So there we were, a gaggle of New Englanders all from the same small town unexpectedly bumping into each other and reminiscing.

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Why know your second half calling? (Joy Model Series, Part 1)

“But why do you want to know your second half calling?” It’s a question I’ve been asking – in so many words-- the past 4-5 years as I help men and women figure out their next season of life, their second half calling. The impetus for asking it came from an ongoing conversation I was having with Paul McGinnis, who is currently a certified Halftime coach and the COO of the Halftime Institute. At the time, he was enrolled at the Halftime Institute and I was coaching him. You

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Is 2015 The Year You Or Someone You Know Enrolls at the Halftime Institute?

By Jeff Spadafora As a new year approaches, I always enjoy reading articles and commentaries about New Year’s resolutions. I think it’s because I am incredibly curious and passionate about helping people make big changes in their personal lives that lead them toward greater personal satisfaction and a more significant impact on their families and in the world. What surprises me is how much attention is paid to “bold moves”, “goal setting” and “steeling our wills” to make this the year, by golly, that things will be different.  These

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Remember to Stroll

By Jeff Spadafora   An ordinary Tuesday. Launched with the Word. Skimming really. Mechanical. A little shallow today. Hmm. Time to move on. Things to do. Hustle and muscle. Create and collaborate. Despite the Christian labels Not much different from my B.C. days Old habits that used to serve well Now taking a toll on my heart Sure the kingdom grows. And people are blessed. Truth is revealed. But my pace and performance power it. Why this march?  Why this effort? Why do I forget trust and lock onto results?

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By Jeff Spadafora, Director of Global Coaching Services Taking the cowboy approach to your second half? U.S. President Herbert Hoover created a romantic notion of the American ethic when he coined the phrase “rugged individualism.”  In the business world (both in the U.S. and internationally) there’s a similar value – “the boot-strapping, self-made millionaire” – that permeates the business person’s psyche. Many successful people attribute their success to attitudes such as independence, self-reliance, courage, hustle, and aggressiveness. While this may have been their mindset, I have found with further questioning, for



By Jeff Spadafora, Director of Global Coaching and Product Development It’s not uncommon for one of our Halftime Coaches to hear someone say, “I’m willing and able to go make a positive difference in the world, but I’m not hearing God’s voice as I try to figure out His calling on my life.” I had the same challenge. The more I think about it now, the more I realize it wasn’t an issue of hearing God. It was a matter of trusting Him. You see, God has already spoken. He already told us what we should do to experience heaven

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Editor’s note: Jeff Spadafora is our Director of Global Coaching Services, and has served on the Halftime Institute team since 2005. During a retreat, he wrote a poem… the first time he’s done so as an adult. In it, he surmises the Halftime experience very well.   A Journey by Jeff Spadafora Smoldering discontent just below the surface. Nameless, unidentifiable, real Seeking success and man’s approval fuels the frustration – the heat turns up. Vain attempts to apply impotent worldly salve to the wound. More wilderness – adrift –unvoiced. Suffered

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By Jeff Spadafora, Halftime Institute Director of Global Coaching   I recently read a review of Dante’s The Divine Comedy, written in Italy in the late 1200’s. It’s fiction I had always heard about but never read (and I still haven’t, I’ve only read a detailed commentary!) I was struck how Dante’s life and his epic poem are both classic Halftime stories.  Dante was a Papal magistrate in Florence when he got caught in the cross-fire of political maneuvering that resulted in getting “laid off” from his job and banished from his

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