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This is My Halftime Story: Sandy Duckett

Sandy Duckett believes in the importance of a good and affordable education. So much, in fact, that she left her own job in higher education in order to make it possible for more people. Halftime Launch Event An entrepreneur at heart, Sandy started her first business at 22. She went on to work in economic development before moving into higher education, becoming COO and Vice President of Advancement for a college foundation. In 2009, she started her doctoral studies and in 2010 turned down a college presidency.

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The Significance of a Simple Conversation

Fred Clark enjoyed professional success in his career as lawyer and founding partner of a D.C. based government relations firm.  Although his exposure to the idea of “Halftime” started years before, in 2013 Fred made the decision to more fully explore a growing sense of spiritual discontent and the possibility God might have something more for him to experience beyond his professional titles and accomplishments. After Fred transitioned from the focused and more structured part of his professional life, he spent the next 18 months traveling around the world,

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Get Ready to Take Back Your Time! Part 4

In part 3 of our series, we explored how we can invest time most wisely in our relationships. This final section will explore the value of making time for money. Time for Money Matters Though money steals our years in terms of worry, frustration, and lost opportunity - managing it often ranks lowest on our priority list. However, through my experience as a Halftime coach, I have found that the larger question for many Halftimers is how they can invest the much more valuable currency of time. Becoming a

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Halftime Story: Thriving In Career Transition (Fred Clark)

Do you remember a time when you felt God was calling you to do something else with your life? A time when your work and the status quo of your life started to become stale? For Fred Clark, the call came several years ago while he was in the midst of his professional career as the founding partner of a successful law firm in Washington D.C. Fred Clark's experience in the Halftime Institute was a pleasant surprise that helped him thrive in his career transition. When Clark heard God’s

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This Is My Halftime Story: Katherine Huske

  Katherine Huske knows that trusting in God can bring order out of chaos. He has done it in her life and calls her to do it in the lives of others. Katherine became a Christian at the relatively late age of 40. Living in Maui, with what would seem to others the perfect life—a beautiful husband and son, money, a great job and a nice home—her life was far from perfect. In fact, she had made the decision to walk away from it all when a business associate

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The Art Of Halftime: Dr. Carl Couch

       Dr. Carl Couch, of the Baylor Healthcare System, recently enrolled in our Winter 2016 Fellows Program, which starts with a 2-day Launch Event. This was very special for us because Dr. Couch was actually a member of the very first Launch Event we ever did nearly ten years ago. To have him back was a reminder of where this work started and how far it has evolved. Having successfully completed the Halftime program before, Dr. Couch was able to provide some mentoring for both the other

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This is My Halftime Story: Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams knows more than his fair share about loss. When his son Timmy died right before his 12th birthday after a long illness, he came to understand the distinctive nature of a parent’s grief.  What would normally be milestones—graduations, grandchildren, and all dreams of the future—become, instead, memorial stones, reminders of what should have been. Can such loss ever be redeemed? Gareth believes that it can, thanks to a son who believed in dreaming big, and the help of the Halftime Institute. When Timmy was given an opportunity

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The Art of Halftime: Of the Heart

By: Michael Lagocki We enjoyed having Claudia Cantrell attend a recent Halftime Launch Event in Dallas, and her story inspired the painting above. Claudia was only 22 when she lost her father. She shared the story of being there in the moments when his heart failed him. Since then, her professional life has been dedicated to medicine. Over a successful career, Claudia has assisted and taught many physicians, including those who repair and perform transplants on hearts. Claudia is at a different stage of her life now, and her

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This Is My Halftime Story: Joe Sweeney

Joe Sweeney epitomizes the expression, “that guy could write a book.”  Even a quick look at his bio provides more than ample underpinnings. “I’ve been blessed to be able to combine a love of business with a passion for sports,” Joe says of his 32 years of starting and leading ventures in investment banking and sports management, including representing professional athletes like Brett Favre. But unlike most about whom the book-writing wish is usually only casually or jokingly tendered, Joe has done it – in fact, twice now –

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By Paul McGinnis, Certified Halftime Coach Every Halftime coach has been through his or her very own, unique Halftime experience.  This fact is one of the most important things our clients have said they appreciate the most.  They know their coach can relate to the craziness, confusion, joy, fear and excitement that many times describe this Halftime journey.  But they also know the coach has come through it successfully. When I went through my Halftime journey, a good friend encouraged me to journal about the experience.  I took the challenge and

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