What does it look like to participate in the unique plan that God has for each of us?

While she didn’t have all of the answers, Barbara did have the courage to take the next step in faith. We interviewed Barbara Foulkrod live this week during our Halftime Alumni Spotlight.

Barbara shared her passion for the redemptive power of the Lord and how this passion manifested as a second half calling. Together, Barbara and her husband Allin walked through the season of halftime seeking clarity alongside other couples asking similar questions.

On the journey, Barbara was emboldened to “follow the next breadcrumb” by taking steps in faith while seeking God’s purpose for her life.

For Barbara, the next step looked like saying “yes” to the role of Vice President at Hope Reins, a nonprofit based in North Carolina, bringing hope and healing to kids in crisis through time spent with rescued horses.

But first, she had to believe that God has a specific mission for each of us and that we can expect for this mission to evolve over time.

While Barb and her husband, Allin, encountered some off-ramps along the way where they could’ve pursued their own journeys, they fought to stay on the path together. With the help of Allin and her coach, Barbara was able to uncover the treasure box of talents, passions and unique gifts that the Lord had already given her to utilize. What started as simply following the next breadcrumb has turned into 10,000 free of charge restorative sessions for kids in crisis.

Barbara reminds the audience that God doesn’t waste anything in our lives. Instead, He uses each season to prepare us for the good works that He has laid out for us to walk in.

During this live interview Barbara shared:

“I am just in love with this idea of redemption. I am in love with this idea that there is nothing outside of God’s power to redeem and to use for his kingdom to bring hope. So wherever anybody is today, we don’t stay stagnant. We are growing and we’re evolving in our journey with the Lord  and with each other. And if you’re in halftime, God uses halftime to reveal so much of this to us, such wonderful tools and opportunities to be in community together and to wrestle together.”

What could jumping into God’s redemptive story look like for you?

Click below to watch the recording of our live interview with Barbara for encouragement and practical advice on navigating the season of halftime with hope!

In addition to our live interview with Barbara, we captured 5 Fast Facts about her to encourage and equip you on your journey.

5 Fast Facts

1. What book has had the greatest impact on your life?

Besides the word of God…is is difficult to chose just one book. I love to read! At this point in time, I would have to say that I am loving Hidden in Christ by James Bryan Smith which is a contemplative book on Colossians 3.

2. If you could spend an hour with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

I would love to spend an hour with my dad. He died when I was in my 20’s. I miss him everyday and as I get older I miss him more. He was a great man of faith.

3.Where is your “happy place”?

My happy place is a precious mountain cabin in Boone, NC either hiking or on a front porch swing!

4. What aspect of the halftime journey has been most transformational for you and why?

My husband and I had the unique opportunity to be coached by Lloyd Reeb together. It was transformative on every level to our marriage and to our ministry and our whole life!

5. What has been the most beneficial spiritual practice in your life?

Being with Jesus has been the most transformative spiritual practice. I am an early riser….so it’s coffee and my Bible every morning. Sitting with the Lord, hearing from him, and being in silence with His presence is the most rewarding and grounding activity of the day!

If you listened to Barbara’s story and you’re wanting to move forward on your next season, we are here for you.

If you’re wanting to

  • Define your calling
  • Build more margin for your areas of passion
  • Include your spouse in the journey
  • Make more traction on the Kingdom impact you want to see

…we’d love to help. That’s why we exist – to come alongside men and women in mid-life and allow them to get clear, get free, and get going on what God is calling them to. We’ve honed our tools and our coaching model over the past 20 years so that it can help you gain traction and avoid costly mistakes that could deter you.

We’d love to help you find the best Halftime program for you and help you step into God’s redemptive story- just like Barbara.

Contact our admissions team today by filling out the form on this page.

Rhonda Kehlbeck
Rhonda spent her first half in education; her own (a Bachelors and Masters from Baylor and a PhD from Fordham University) and helping others with theirs as speaker, lecturer, teacher, and Professor at Dallas Baptist University. She is also an author of a book for parents that encourages reading and writing with children.

The Pittsburg, Texas native met her husband at church where he drew her name from a pool of 500 women to become her secret Valentine. More than 2 decades later, she and Keith have two daughters who are currently attending Oklahoma University.

As our Vice President of Admissions, many find their Halftime journey begins by interacting with Rhonda. Her nurturing and caring spirit helps people get enrolled into the Halftime Institute.

She is a 2013 Halftime Institute alumna and considers Psalm 86:11 her favorite verse: “Lord, tell me where you want me to go and I will go there. With all my heart, I will praise you.”

"I first read Bob Buford's book several years ago, but my Halftime really began when my youngest left for college. I knew then I didn't just want another job, but wanted to give back to God by making a significant impact for His kingdom.”

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