The daily news cycle can be a source of great disruption in our lives. It can mix conflict and isolation into our most valued relationships…

But what if the news became an anvil on which our faith and values were forged?

As Halftimers, positive growth and thriving relationships are top priorities in the next season. And yet, our roles and influence change as our relationships evolve.

One challenge we hear more and more from Halftimers is:

How can I help myself and the people in my life process the news in a healthy, Biblical way?

Today, we are inundated with news on every possible platform. It’s minute by minute and relentless. Often, social media algorithms funnel us into divergent and contradictory news interpretations.

This can lead to conflict, division, and a loss of the peace, confidence and Christian moorings that we covet for our families and friends. 

In this brief webinar, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper open a conversation with Halftime Alum and Former President of the World Association of News Publishers, Tomas Brunegård.

We hope our time together helps you bring a perspective, posture and truth source to conversations about ever-changing current events that is both winsome and grounded in God’s unchanging wisdom.

CLICK HERE to watch or listen to the recording of our conversation.

It can be tempting to let our kids, siblings, or sons-and daughters-in-law think whatever they want to think about today’s news. To “keep the peace”, one could justify steering the family conversations toward happier, less confrontational topics.

While that sure would feel safer than diving in headfirst, it may not be in our families’ best interests to avoid the headlines.

Begin with the question: “What is my vision for my family?”

Then ask: “What is my role in helping guide my family that direction?”

We can make a strong case that God put us in our families and equipped us with strengths, experience, and Biblical wisdom to help our loved ones grow and to be a shining light of hope and compassion.

If we duck the tough topics in our family conversations out of fear, who or what will fill the vacuum?

Halftime Alumni share a common desire. They want their next season to be a blessing to others around them– beginning with those in their closest sphere of influence.

In order to best lead out in this area, three important actions must be addressed:

1. Get Clear on Your Purpose and Perspective:

What is your primary perspective as you take in the news? Do you assume a political perspective, a social perspective, or an economic perspective? Instead, consider developing a systematic way to decipher the news as a Jesus follower with a heavenly perspective.

2. Decide on Your Truth Source:

What is your primary truth source and why?  What will shape your perspective of the news as a truth source? If you claim to have a “Biblical worldview” have you put in the time, effort, and prayer to understand Scripture and it’s Truth? Determine how you can help each family member find truth sources that will help them respond to the torrent of news they face.

3. Cultivate the Best Posture for Your Family:

When news topics come up in conversation, we tend to take on a particular posture, perhaps unknowingly. Which of the below do you most relate to?

    • A dogmatic preacher or lecturer – forcing your pre-packaged ideas on the rest of the family.
    • A wishy washy, non-offending peacekeeper – using humor to divert the conversation or changing your apparent views to placate someone.
    • An intellectual debater – turning conversations into games to win because you love the challenge.

But what if we assumed a different posture- one of humility? What if our goal was to humbly learn from each other and enter into these issues together? A posture of humility and curiosity helps us stay informed about what others see and what’s going on in their world. Only then, will we be heard and know how to best serve our loved ones.  

“Stay open, be curious, know your True North – the eternal values that you will live & die by – and do it all with humility.”

Ready to put these principles into practice? Consider viewing and discussing this recent event in the United States as a family. In addition, consider gathering to watch this clip from a conversation with Bono and Eugene Peterson on the topic of The Psalms.

We pray these conversations will bless your family’s pursuit to navigate the news together in the days to come. 

At Halftime, our programs bring greater impact, purpose, and joy for the whole family. 

Getting connected with a group of like-minded peers and a Halftime Certified™ Coach to create a custom, holistic plan for your family’s next season of life could be a great next step.

It is our privilege to walk with leaders like Tomas as they navigate all the ups and downs that come with pursuing leveraged impact and thriving relationships. How could our support system best come alongside you?


Tomas Brunegård was the CEO of the largest daily newspaper chain in Sweden when he joined the Halftime family.

Building on the clarity he gained through his Halftime Program experience, he moved from CEO to Chairman and became the President of the World Association of News Publishers: the premier association of the world’s top newsproducers.

His passion is focusing this global group of media giants on freedom of speech. After a lifetime in news, Tomas will bring to you his perspective and simple best practices from which you can innovate for your unique relationships.

CLICK HERE for an additional glimpse into Tomas’s background and passion for impact.

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