How can YOU leverage your leadership for greater impact?

At Halftime we’re here to provide a space for you to connect with others, answer this question, and develop an intentional strategy for living it out in the next season. To do so, we’ve partnered with Latino Leaders Magazine to bring you a conversation you won’t want to miss.

Watch the replay to hear stories of life transformation and glean valuable wisdom from these featured Halftime Alumni:

  • Hugo Cuesta: Chief Executive Officer, Cuesta Campos Attorneys at Law 
  • Carlos Carpizo: Co-Founder, Kosmos [Don’t miss Carlos’ featured article in the Winter 2020 edition of the Latino Leaders Magazine!]
  • Rhonda Kehlbeck: Vice President of Admissions, Halftime Institute

What do these panelists have in common?

They were all after a life of greater impact and joy and benefitted from the help of a support system in order to get clear, get free, and get going.

Can you relate? Check out the video below to learn more.

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“Midlife crisis is painful, but it’s a blessing. Don’t try to walk around it.

This is a stage in life that we need to go through to grow from.”

The Halftime Institute was created to help leaders get clarity on how to use their passions, strengths, and work in a way that brings them joy, impact and balance. We do this through a process that incorporates one-on-one coaching, peer feedback, and connections with a global network of leaders to help people discover their sweet spot. Our programs are customized for each person because each person is unique…as you’ll see with Carlos and Hugo’s stories.

However, this discovery phase can be scary. Entering a season of transition is often uncomfortable. 

While leaving the familiarity of our comfort zones for deeper fulfillment is a risk with a high reward, it is still a risk.

Instead of allowing fear to be an obstacle, think of fear as an onramp. Let fear serve as an indicator to press in and be propelled forward. After all, most worthwhile endeavors require some element of risk and unknown. 

Lean into the risk knowing that our tools that have been tried and tested over more than 20 years. We’ve figured out the common obstacles to living with impact in this season of life and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Whether it be in your career or personally, you’re in ‘halftime’ when you face a transition that leaves you asking, “what’s next?” But rest assured, you’re not alone in answering this question. 

Here are 5 Practical Considerations the panelists shared for those who may be asking “what’s next?”:

5 Practical Considerations When Identifying “What’s Next?”

1. Acknowledge Where You Are.

Can you relate to the feeling of “smoldering discontent” in your current season?

2. Incorporate Your Faith.

What could it look like to integrate your beliefs into all areas of your life?

3. Bring Your Family Along.

How can you keep in step with your loved ones while navigating times of transition?

4. Define Your Context. 

Will you stay where you are, start something new, or join in with an existing organization? 

5. Focus on Character.

What are your guiding values and how will you live them out?

As you reflect on these considerations, our team is here to help you think your confusion out loud.
The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a next season defined by joy, impact, and balance. We’ve served thousands of men and women from varied backgrounds. Halftime programs helped the panelists on this webinar get clear, get free, and get going.
How could our proven process lead you toward a life of greater impact and joy?

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For another legacy of life transformation…

Edgar Sandoval grew up in Guatemala and Venezuela.

When he was 18, he moved to the U.S. with $50 in his pocket.

Today, Edgar is leading one of the world’s largest NGOs, World Vision, to see that every child has the opportunity to experience Christ’s promise of life in all its fullness – even through the challenges of the current crisis.

Watch to learn how the Lord used Edgar’s unique experiences and drive for excellence through his Halftime journey.


Carlos Carpizo has over 20 years of experience as an executive for two Fortune 100 companies: Ericsson and Xerox, and a mid-market enterprise with presence in four countries in the Americas (LinkAmerica). He has been recognized as one of the most influential hispanic professionals by the Hispanic IT Executive Council. Passionate about social innovation, he’s now an entrepreneur exploring the intersection of art and technology. Carlos co-founded Kosmos to bring opportunity to disadvantaged young adults of the US and Mexico. He serves on the board of Literacy Texas and his first book will be published in December: “At Risk of Greatness: Reimagining Youth Outcomes Through the Intersection of Art and Technology”. Carlos obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in electronics and telecommunications engineering from Mexico’s Monterrey Tech (ITESM) and an MBA from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University. He is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Hugo G. Cuesta Leaño has developed his professional career as an international corporate lawyer for more than 25 years, in addition to his leadership in the national business sector. He is the former international vice chair of Meritas Law Firms Worldwide, with presence in more than 90 countries and is the CEO of Cuesta Campos, attorneys at law. Hugo has been invited as a speaker at countless conferences on investment in Mexico, with topics related with international trade and investment, USMCA, compliance and anti-corruption. Mr. Cuesta is frequently interviewed by renowned international business publications, such as Forbes U.S., Forbes Japan, Foreign Policy, Mexico Business Publishing, Strategy Magazine, among others.

Rhonda Kehlbeck, PhD spent her first half in education; her own (a Bachelors and Masters from Baylor and a Ph.D. from Fordham University) and helping others with theirs as speaker, lecturer, teacher, and Professor at Dallas Baptist University. She is also an author of a book for parents that encourages reading and writing with children. The Pittsburg, Texas native met her husband at church, where he drew her name from a pool of 500 women to become her secret Valentine. Almost three decades later, she and Keith have two daughters who are married and now live and work in Oklahoma City. Rhonda and Keith find being intentional with their family even more fulfilling and important as they treasure their sons-in-law and one-year-old grandson, Louis. As Vice President of Admissions, many find their Halftime journey begins by interacting with Rhonda. Her nurturing and caring spirit helps people get enrolled into the Halftime Institute.

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The Halftime Institute is the leading authority on creating a next season defined by joy, impact, and balance. For more than 20 years, we’ve served thousands of men and women from varied backgrounds. The concept of ‘halftime’ was born out of the best-selling book, Halftime: Moving from Success to Significance, written by Bob Buford. Following the popularity and resonance of his book, Bob founded the Halftime Institute in order to provide a hands-on process and community for growth, support, and learning for people walking through their own season of ‘halftime’. Since then, the Institute has expanded to include world-class Coaches, Staff, and Resources – equipping leaders all over the globe. Interested in gaining clarity for your next season? Fill out the contact form below!