Many people struggle to find and live out their purpose and passion.

This is particularly true of people who have been successful in their career. When they dream about what’s next, the surplus of options can feel overwhelming.

Can you relate?

At Halftime, we’ve studied the science of finding your passion. But more importantly, thousands of talented leaders like you have navigated through this process with our Global Team of coaches by their side.

During this webinar, Halftime Alumni Cheryl Hunter, Lloyd Reeb and Doug Piper will discuss our latest learnings on a systematic way to find your purpose in life – plus, personal insights from Cheryl, who has found a surprising, challenging, and exhilarating calling using her experience as an owner of McDonald’s restaurants.  

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During our time, Cheryl and Lloyd shared a process to help you build a passion that becomes part of your identity and enable you to be self-motivated to engage in over the long haul.

4 Steps for Finding Your Purpose

Explore – Expose yourself to a wide variety of causes and people groups that you might be interested in, beginning with what you think you are interested in already.

Learn – Learn more about the topics or causes that seem to interest you most.  

Assess – Block time on your calendar to engage with those interests through Low-Cost Probes, and a systematic way to access your feelings around both your contribution and the effects you see in others’ lives as a result of the work being done in that space.

Share – Try to articulate your vision as an elevator speech incorporating your emerging passion into your identity.

Ready to put these principles into practice? Participating in a Halftime Roundtable will help you find and live out your purpose while gleaning best practices from like-minded peers. 

In addition, check out this recently published compilation of studies called the Science of Interest. This book suggests that people gain interest through stages, from exposure to knowledge (confidence) around a particular topic, but they move into passion as they engage with the topic and experience joy. In so doing, this new interest becomes part of their identity and becomes a passion that they are self-motivated to engage with in an on-going way.

Just getting started? At Halftime, our programs bring greater impact, purpose, and joy for the whole family. 

Getting connected with a group of like-minded peers and a Halftime Certified™ Coach to create a custom, holistic plan for the days ahead could be a great next step. How could our fellowship of friends best come alongside you?


Cheryl Hunter graduated from the University of Minnesota at Mankato with a BS in education. Shortly thereafter, she owned and operated a Dairy Queen restaurant for 5 years. After that, she worked for McDonald’s Corporation for over 17 years. Leaving her position as Director of Operations, she was a franchisee for McDonald’s for 16 years. In 2012, she sold her businesses and has been working with non-profits ever since. Her passion has become helping businesspeople leverage their position and influence for the kingdom while serving Jesus Christ through the marketplace.

After selling her franchises in 2012, Cheryl knew she needed help in discerning what her next steps would be. Her nature and her convictions meant traditional retirement was not an option. It was through working with a Halftime Roundtable that she was able to sort out what this next season of life would look like. It was through those sessions that she found her passion and was able to create a mission statement for her life: I will glorify God by using my skills to coach and encourage business professionals who want to be all God has intended them to be in the marketplace, family, and community for the kingdom of God.

When not working towards that end, Cheryl is an active member at the Summit Church in Raleigh, NC where she resides. She has four children: Jason, Zac, Catherine and Alexis. Three of her children, Jason, Zac and Alexis, were brought into her family through adoption. In 2018, her family suffered the loss of Zac due to heart disease.

It is through her commitment to Christ that Cheryl has been able to move through the valleys of her personal life and her career. She believes that much of God’s planned revival will come through Christians in the marketplace, who seek to use their skillset and influence through their business to connect and engage their community with the gospel of Jesus Christ and it is because of that, she continues to do the work God has placed on her heart.

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