Building A Thriving Family In Your Second Half – Part 2

Building A Thriving Family In Your Second Half – Part 2

By Lloyd and Linda Reeb

Last month in Part 1 of this series, we talked about how our second half can be a turning point in our family’s legacy rather than a time to solely focus on ourselves. We discussed three key elements for building a thriving family and started to think through what a thriving family looks like for each of us.

Recap of Part 1:

1. In one or two words describe the role you envision in leading your family in the second half?

2. What will need to change in how you lead your family in the second half compared to the first half?

3. What do you feel are the differences between a healthy and a thriving family?

This week we want you to continue to think through these important elements to leading your family in your second half. Read these practical questions below and think through how they will affect our ability to thrive.

What Will Dominate Our Thinking?

Houses – Where will we spend our summers and winters?Hobbies – What would be fun and fulfilling to spend our time on once we retire?Vacations – There are so many places we have always wanted to visit and perhaps now we can take our kids/grandkids.Leaving Legacy – How much should we spend on ourselves vs. leave as a legacy to our kids/grandkids? Homes – How will we help build God honoring, harmonious homes in our family?Habits –How can we model the most important habits for our family and inspire them to incorporate those into their daily routines?Vocations – What are our individual callings and how can we help each other thrive in living those out?Living Legacies – How will we include our family in our giving so they learn generosity?


  • Take a few minutes to reflect on these two columns of questions. In what ways could these questions move your family from health to thriving?
  • Where would you like to put more emphasis in this next season?
  • What do you feel is missing in this list of questions that is important to you?


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