After discovering your Ephesians 2:10 Calling, life often gets in the way…

No matter how much or how little time has passed since you’ve identified your personal mission, it can be easy to drift off course. 

What would it look like to refresh your personal mission?

What are new best practices that you can be taking advantage of on your journey? 

Lloyd and Doug were joined by fellow HT Alum, Robert Barker, President of the Bob Barker Company that provides corrections and detention facilities, mental health centers, and homeless shelters with the supplies needed to stay healthy and safe.

Robert joined the Halftime community nine years ago, building a clear, focused roadmap with a vision for his business, family, and health.

He strategized winsome ways to integrate his faith and compassion into his company and the prison system as a whole. 

Now after almost a decade of living into this dream, Robert is refining his purposeplatform and people and exploring what else is needed to persist over the long haul — it’s a halftime refresh!

In this brief webinar, Lloyd and Doug provided an overview of the Four Key Elements of a Halftime Refresh with Robert Barker.

CLICK HERE to watch or listen to the recording of our conversation.

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During our time, Robert and Lloyd shared the importance of taking time to readdress your Halftime journey annually. 

Here are 4 areas to consider as you pause to reevaluate:

Purpose – What’s my purpose and how does it need to be refined?

Platform – How will I retool the platform I’m using for leveraged impact?

People – Who are the people I’m going to love extravagantly and who do I need around me to finish well?

Persistence – What can I infuse into my life to persist over the long haul?

Ready to put these principles into practice? Participating in a Halftime Refresh will allow you to consider the areas of purpose, platform, people, and persistence while gleaning best practices from like-minded peers. 

In addition, check out this movie for inspiration on Building a Personal Board of Directors from William Wilberforce, a leader of the British abolition movement. Carving out time for a Silent Solo Retreat is another great way to pause and refocus before pressing forward. 

Just getting started? At Halftime, our programs bring greater impact, purpose, and joy for the whole family. 

Getting connected with a group of like-minded peers and a Halftime Certified™ Coach to create a custom, holistic plan for the days ahead could be a great next step. How could our fellowship of friends best come alongside you?


Robert Barker Jr. is the President of Bob  Barker Company, located in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.   Robert attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the London School of Economics, and graduated summa cum laude from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a dual concentration in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management.

Robert grew up in the business founded by his father, Bob Barker, and has worked in most areas of the company and served in numerous leadership roles including Metal Fabrication Manager, IT Director, and Marketing Director.   In March 2005, he was promoted to President of Bob Barker Company.  Since that time, he has successfully led the organization through two major competitor acquisitions while more than doubling revenues and profits.

In 2020, with the help of his leadership team, Robert set out to recast the vision of the Bob Barker Company to articulate a greater purpose, a higher calling for the business. The company’s vision changed from “Bob Barker is the worldwide leader delivering innovative supplies and services to correctional and rehabilitation customers” to “Transforming criminal justice while honoring God in all that we do.”  At that same time, the Bob Barker Foundation was established, to which the Company tithes out of its net income. It is the only foundation in the United States, and possibly in the world, with the sole purpose of reducing recidivism. The Foundation has awarded over $5 million in grants to organizations helping over 2.4 million people prepare physically, spiritually, and emotionally for successful reentry into society and to stay out of prison for life.

Robert lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children. They love to spend time together at their family beach home.

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