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Two months ago we shared the exciting news of a strategic shift to our leadership. After 11 years of faithful service at Halftime, our tenured CEO, Dean Niewolny, transitioned into a position as Chairman of the Board while new Co-Executive Directors, Jim Stollberg and Tom McGehee, took the lead. As CEO, Dean’s Spirit-led leadership, faithful stewarding practices, and strategic vision have allowed us to expand our reach and equip countless leaders for Kingdom impact around the globe. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with

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A Strategic Shift in Halftime Leadership

Announcing: Halftime Institute Makes Strategic Shift in Leadership New Co-Executive Directors with extensive experience to take the lead as tenured CEO transitions into Chairman role. As a valued member of the Halftime community, we want you to be the first to hear of a recent strategic shift to our leadership: We are excited to announce that new Co-Executive Directors with extensive experience will take the lead as our tenured CEO, Dean Niewolny, transitions into a position as Chairman of the Board.  First,

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The Cohort Concept

Cohort (noun): A community of like-minded peers who are tackling real challenges, encouraging each other with sound wisdom, and seeking to live with purpose no matter the circumstances. At Halftime, we have found that there is power in connecting with others who are on a similar journey. The Cohort is an integral component of the Fellows Program. Each Fellow belongs to a Cohort, which connects them with a tight-knit

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3 Biblical Principles for Pursuing Financial Freedom

By: Dean Niewolny, Chief Executive Officer of Halftime Institute Is pursuing success and the accumulation of wealth “okay” for Christians? For years, many have wrestled with this question. However, the root of the matter is less about how much money you have, and more about where your heart is. If God has given you the ability to make money, and it’s His money anyway, the question then becomes what are you doing with that money for Kingdom purposes?  Rather than encouraging you to sell your belongings and

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10 Conclusions on Crisis Leadership

By: Rod Stewart, Halftime CertifiedTM Coach I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what good, strong, Spirit-led leadership looks like in the midst of a crisis.  While watching a documentary on Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how he led our country out of the Great Depression with a combination of clarity, communication and innovation, I marveled at the way he stood up and took responsibility in the midst of fear. It was then that he delivered his famous line, ‘The only thing we have to fear, is fear

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How To: Be a Sur-thrivalist

By: Chip DeClue, Halftime CertifiedTM Coach In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, it can often seem as if the world has stopped.  Plans for the future have been put on hold as uncertainty looms. Business trips, vacations, retirement plans, weddings… most postponed, many outright canceled. And the list goes on. This is especially true for those who are in the process of transitioning into the next season of life.   One Halftime client of mine lamented, “It feels like I’m in the halftime of Halftime. What should I

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Feeling Unsettled? 3 First Steps to Figuring Out What’s Next

What do you do when you’ve solved complex problems your whole career, yet you get to a point where you can’t put together the puzzle pieces of your own future path? It is an unsettling place to be for sure. It happened to me, and it happens to most successful leaders in mid-life. You sense a shift of some sort is needed. You feel discontent and restless. But when you try to determine what your next move will be, you are uncertain and confused. Can you relate? Several years

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Before You Make a Halftime Transition: 5 Practical Steps to Detox

You know you need a change. But how? And where to start? You’re so used to running on adrenaline. Under the surface, you feel like you just want to escape. You want peace. You want rest. And you want to devote yourself to something that truly matters. You’re not alone. I felt that way when I went through a Halftime season, and we see it in many leaders who come through the Halftime Institute. We call it “smoldering discontent”. But how do you go from smoldering to joyful

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4 Warning Signs You Need to Detox from the Rat Race (And Where to Start)

“I feel trapped. And you know I can’t talk to anyone else about this, Rod” he said to me. “I can’t afford to show weakness. It could cost too much with the people I’m leading.” I had just wrapped up a coaching session with a client talking about the frenzied pace of his life, the burden of responsibilities, and how he felt trapped, like everyone wanted something from him. Can you relate? So many leaders I coach these days come to me because they find themselves leading lives of

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Tragedy to Transformation: Interview with John Ramstead, HT Alum

John Ramstead’s first half experiences were diverse and adventurous, but nothing compared to what he encountered in mid-life. Imagine this: John started out in the United States Navy where he served as a fighter pilot. Then he transitioned to an entrepreneur and then to leading a Fortune 500 management team. Then life threw him an enormous curve ball - a tragic accident that no one thought he would come back from. After 23 surgeries, he not only survived, but he now lives a very full life and

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