With Thanks and Great Expectations

With Thanks and Great Expectations

In 1984, Bob and Linda Buford made a huge commitment to support the Halftime Institute and Leadership Network for 30 years. They have faithfully completed that commitment this year.

In anticipation of his substantial financial support ending in 2014, Bob and the Halftime Institute Board of Directors gave us a three-year runway to change our revenue model to become self-sustaining from new sources by 2015.  During these past three years, we have worked hard and have been blessed enormously in transitioning from dominant support from a few to a combination of fee-based revenue and strategic charitable investments by a far broader field of wonderful friends.

We are closing out 2014 with record numbers in terms of Halftimer participation in our Members Program and soon to be Fellows Program service offerings.  We have taken the Halftime Institute on the road to several cities and are exploring strategic relationships to rapidly expand our ability to bring the transformative Halftime message to our high potential customer.

We know through long experience that an equipped and released Halftimer has huge potential for Kingdom impact. Thanks to the enormous generosity of Bob and Linda Buford and their faithful leadership over these past three decades, we are now positioned with great expectations for 2015 and beyond.  We are offering substantially increased opportunity for investment and partnership in a ministry which we believe can truly change lives and communities all over the world.

We invite you to keep your eyes and hearts on the Lord………..and on the Halftime Institute as we move into the New Year and beyond.  It is a great honor to serve you.

Dean Niewolny