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Webinar: Finding Leverage Through Partnerships

If you are in the housing industry or have an interest in the application of franchising principles to the non-profit world, let me introduce you to two Halftimers who are finding leverage through partnerships: DAVE KEIL of Franworth is an expert in franchising. His Halftime mission is around using that expertise to help replicate causes that bring spiritual and practical help to people. He calls it Franchise for Good.  PAT HAMILL leads a world-class home building organization, Oakwood Homes, and uses it as a platform for BuildStrong Academy; training

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Overcoming Tension, Stress and Anxiety

By: Brian Page, Senior Vice President of Advancement at Shepherds College and Halftime Alum TSA. It's the topic on the tips of our tongues, constantly on our minds, and greatly affecting our daily lives. And no, I'm not referring to the Transportation Security Administration. TSA: Tension, Stress, and Anxiety.  Tension is defined as the state of being stretched tight. It is physical or emotional strain, along with worry, that makes it difficult to relax. It's something we face daily. It is like two pulling forces, directly opposing

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3 Biblical Principles for Pursuing Financial Freedom

By: Dean Niewolny, Chief Executive Officer of Halftime Institute Is pursuing success and the accumulation of wealth “okay” for Christians? For years, many have wrestled with this question. However, the root of the matter is less about how much money you have, and more about where your heart is. If God has given you the ability to make money, and it’s His money anyway, the question then becomes what are you doing with that money for Kingdom purposes?  Rather than encouraging you to sell your belongings and

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Webinar: Finding Financial Freedom

This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis. There is a big difference between financial independence and financial freedom.  If you are wrestling with the question how much is enough?, then this helpful conversation is for you. Ron Blue, Founder of Kingdom Advisors, and Ronald Blue & Company (now Ronald Blue Trust), CEO of Ron Blue Institute, and Author of 20+ books is a Halftime Alum who knows that the Bible offers simple but challenging steps to financial freedom

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Webinar: Turning Pain Into Purpose

This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis. Success is often driven by pain.  The pain of feeling like we could never measure up to someone’s expectations. The pain of a difficult childhood. The pain of the loss of a loved one. Any of these circumstances or many others may have caused you to bury your pain in performance.  Success can become a drug of choice to cope with the hurt. If you find yourself in a season of exploring what’s

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Coffee with Lloyd: Building Your Tribe

We need people around us to finish well. The people we surround ourselves with and the books we read shape who we become. So, have you considered these questions as you've pursued your next season of impact? Who are the people you need around you on this journey to finish well?   Who are the people you love the most and how can you help them thrive on this journey? How can you include them in your exploration now? You’ve heard the African expression, “If you want to go fast go

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Webinar: A Princeton Prof’s Wisdom for Engaging Your Adult Kids

This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis. If you are the parent of a Young Adult (18-35), or have a parent-like relationship with a Young Adult, you can likely relate to the challenges and opportunities for connecting with them as your role shifts from “authority” to “guide”. During this disruptive season, many Young Adults are wrestling with the first large-scale crisis of their adult lives. This gives Halftimers a unique opportunity to provide wisdom, perspective, and guidance

Webinar: A Princeton Prof’s Wisdom for Engaging Your Adult Kids2020-05-22T16:15:07-05:00

10 Conclusions on Crisis Leadership

By: Rod Stewart, Halftime CertifiedTM Coach I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what good, strong, Spirit-led leadership looks like in the midst of a crisis.  While watching a documentary on Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how he led our country out of the Great Depression with a combination of clarity, communication and innovation, I marveled at the way he stood up and took responsibility in the midst of fear. It was then that he delivered his famous line, ‘The only thing we have to fear, is fear

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Webinar: Lead Like It Matters to God

This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis. When crisis hits, it brings perspective about what matters and what doesn’t. It challenges our true inner beliefs and our courage to trust God.  As the world begins to re-open and you prepare to press the reset button on your business, this is the time to assess how grounded your leadership is in the eternal wisdom God offers. If our organizations are part of our life calling, then we need to

Webinar: Lead Like It Matters to God2020-05-15T15:24:12-05:00

Webinar: Finding Growth Opportunities Amid Disruption

This episode is part of our special webinar series on Using Your Platform For Good In Crisis. To say that this season has been disruptive may feel like an understatement. Most businesses, ministries, and individuals have been forced to make difficult decisions. What to stop doing, who to let go – now, when to re-open? It’s much like pruning.    Halftime Institute Alumni around the world are leading some of the most critical, compassionate and impactful organizations serving quite literally millions of people – and we wonder: How

Webinar: Finding Growth Opportunities Amid Disruption2020-05-15T15:25:07-05:00
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