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Webinar: Three Keys to Navigate Faith & Values Differences in Your Family

Last month we talked about facilitating family conversations when the news brings disruption and divergent views. We heard from leading news expert and Halftime Alum, Tomas Brunegård, that the news can either divide our family or become an anvil on which our faith and values are forged.  This month, we extended the conversation: How can we leverage our leadership when our loved ones are taking different paths? Bruce Johnston is the founder of JH Ranch in Northern California, which has provided parent/child reconciliation camps and resources for more than 30,000 families over 40+ years. Many Halftime Alumni

Webinar: Three Keys to Navigate Faith & Values Differences in Your Family2021-02-26T11:32:40-06:00

Webinar: Leveraging Your Leadership (Latino Leaders + Halftime)

How can YOU leverage your leadership for greater impact? At Halftime we're here to provide a space for you to connect with others, answer this question, and develop an intentional strategy for living it out in the next season. To do so, we've partnered with Latino Leaders Magazine to bring you a conversation you won't want to miss. Watch the replay to hear stories of life transformation and glean valuable wisdom from these featured Halftime Alumni: Hugo Cuesta: Chief Executive Officer, Cuesta Campos Attorneys at Law  Carlos

Webinar: Leveraging Your Leadership (Latino Leaders + Halftime)2021-02-08T12:52:50-06:00

Setting Your Target for Transformation (Part 2)

In the previous article, we defined the term ‘trigger for transformation’: the unanticipated challenges that serve as inciting incidents, setting our stories in motion. These times of transition often catalyze us to embark on a journey toward greater impact. However, this journey can feel aimless or overwhelming if we don’t have a clear vision of where we are headed. Instead, we each need a target for transformation which we direct our energy and efforts toward. Habit 2 from Stephen R.

Setting Your Target for Transformation (Part 2)2021-01-29T10:51:32-06:00

Webinar: Best Practices to Navigate the News

The daily news cycle can be a source of great disruption in our lives. It can mix conflict and isolation into our most valued relationships... But what if the news became an anvil on which our faith and values were forged? As Halftimers, positive growth and thriving relationships are top priorities in the next season. And yet, our roles and influence change as our relationships evolve. One challenge we hear more and more from Halftimers is: How can I help myself and the people in my life

Webinar: Best Practices to Navigate the News2021-01-28T17:32:33-06:00

Identifying Your Trigger for Transformation

We all recognize the “inciting incidents” from the stories we love -- the moment in any book or movie where the protagonist is thrust into action and the story’s plot is set into place. Often entirely outside of their control, the main characters face a sudden challenge that requires them to accept and respond to what author, Joseph Campbell, referred to as the ‘call to adventure’. From Dorothy being swept away by a tornado in The Wizard of Oz to

Identifying Your Trigger for Transformation2021-01-08T14:24:43-06:00

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: Three Questions to Reflect + Refocus

By: Dr. Rhonda Kehlbeck, Vice President of Admissions at Halftime Institute  “Who is our customer? What does the customer consider value? What is our business?” -Bob Buford (1939-2018) Why do these questions hold so much weight? In order to stay focused on your mission, it’s important to take time to regularly return to these musings originally posed by Peter Drucker. When Bob Buford was with us, he would continually bring us back to these simple, but very significant questions. The reason?

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: Three Questions to Reflect + Refocus2020-12-18T20:59:59-06:00

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: The Finish Line of Faithful Giving

By: Dean Niewolny, Chief Executive Officer of Halftime Institute “Giving is not a result— changed lives are.” -Bob Buford (1939-2018) Gratitude and giving seem to go hand in hand. As we reflect on and appreciate all that we have received, we can’t help but pay that generosity forward. While the topic of giving is fresh on the minds of many during the holiday season, we invite you to take a moment to pause and consider The Finish Line of Faithful Giving

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: The Finish Line of Faithful Giving2020-11-24T12:47:54-06:00

3 Tips for Strategically Navigating Transition

We are so grateful for the sacrifice and bravery of those who have served and continue to serve in the United States Armed Forces. In honor of Veterans Day, we are featuring the story of Halftime Alum, Major General Chris McPadden. At the end of a successful military career, Major General Chris McPadden knew that he wanted to navigate his transition to civilian life prayerfully and carefully. After 35 years of service, Chris was faced with a

3 Tips for Strategically Navigating Transition2020-11-09T16:46:24-06:00

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: “Go Big or Go Home” Significance

By: Halftime Alum Jim Beckett, Founder and CEO of Beckett Interests Inc. “Go big or go home. Focus; don’t do dribs and drabs.” -Bob Buford (1939-2018) What are you going to do to gain significance? This was the question that Bob Buford posed to me when we first met thirty years ago. As an advocate for plural mentorship, I had previously identified seven highly respected men from whom I planned to seek wisdom.  Bob was the first name on my list

Bob Buford’s Top Ten Values: “Go Big or Go Home” Significance2020-10-29T10:52:00-05:00

Q&A: Transformative Influence

An Interview with Walt Rakowich, Author of Transfluence and Halftime Alum: Leaders confronting the current social and economic challenges could learn a lot from a CEO who survived the Great Recession of 2008 by transforming his company’s culture. Halftime alum Walt Rakowich is that CEO, and the lessons from his story are greatly applicable today. Walt was appointed CEO of global real estate company Prologis at the height of the Great Recession of 2008. At the time of his appointment, the company's stock had

Q&A: Transformative Influence2020-10-26T16:49:21-05:00
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